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The Petersburg city court has stood before picket of Vietnameses

Yesterday in city court of St.-Petersburg has passed discussion of a verdict of jurymen on the case of murder by autumn of 2004 of Vietnamese student Vu An Tuana. The board of jurymen past week did not recognise as guilty of murder of the Vietnamese of teenagers which have accused of it, and now the court should pronounce a sentence on the basis of a verdict. At a city court building Vietnameses with antiracist slogans and appeals to justice all the day long have staid.
two buses with Vietnameses have approached on a building of city court of St.-Petersburg in 9. 30. About 100 Vietnameses left buses and were built in some numbers on quay of Fontanka opposite to an input in a building. In hands Vietnameses had carnations, portraits killed to Vu An Tuana and its crying mother and posters on which it has been written How many still to suffer? down with racism, down with extremism! return justice to the killed people . Court enforcement officers have put on bullet-proof vests and, having armed with rubber bludgeons, have risen abreast at an input in a building, been going to reflect storm. But Vietnameses also did not think to storm a building, they at all did not cry out slogans. At midday picketers have curtailed headers and have gone to Smolnomu, but on the area of Proletarian Dictatorship they were met by OMON. To Vietnameses, probably, have explained, what consequences for them carrying out of unapproved demonstration can have, and they almost have dispersed at once.

in the meantime in city court discussion of a verdict of the jurymen who on October, 17th have not recognised guilty of murder Vu An Tuana of anybody from 17 teenagers, brought to court on this business proceeded. Devjateryh accused jurymen recognised as guilty of ethnic animosity kindling, robbery, a robbery and a beating, and eight have completely justified. Directly guilty of murder to Vu An Tuana the Office of Public Prosecutor named beaten it five teenagers, but jurymen have disagreed with it. Yesterday the process parties have made to court the observations concerning punishment by defendant. Business hearing passes in the closed mode as some defendants yet have not reached majority.

as representatives of the dissatisfied party upon termination of session have told, state charge has asked court to sentence devjateryh defendants to 3,5 - 7,5 years of a colony. But it seemed to lawyers of defendants of it too much. seven and a half years - too severe punishment for two mobile phones (one of defendants has taken hold of them as a result of a robbery. - ). And at the defendant not qualified robbery which falls under action of May amnesty of 2006 - Irina Bolisova has declared the lawyer. My client has apologised before all and has repented of a criminal conduct, but to it, as well as other defendant, asked real imprisonment though it was possible to be limited to the penalty, - the lawyer of other defendant Boris Aleksashin confirmed. - Taking into account that jurymen have considered all devjateryh defendants worthy indulgences, it is too much .

will inform on a court sentence on the case of murder Vu An Tuana.

, St.-Petersburg