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Muscovites are ill on work

In order to avoid conflicts to employers Muscovites began to address less often to doctors, transferring cold standing. On the average in a year they spend 4,2 days on the sick-list that three times it is less, than 15 years ago. Such data was published yesterday by capital branch of Federal Agency of social insurance (FSS). Doctors notice that self-treatment leads to complications, chronic diseases and, as consequence, reduction of average life expectancy.
yesterday the head of capital branch FSS Galina Krivushkina, acting at session of the commission of Moscow City Council on social policy and labour relations, has declared that on the average for a year the Muscovite spends 4,2 days on the sick-list. It three times is less, than indicators of 1990 - then citizens were absent from work through illness on the average 12,6 days in a year. For nine months 2006 for payment of temporary disablement allowances FSS has allocated nearby 6 mlrd rbl. However this sum has not been claimed in full. The head of the commission of Moscow City Council of health protection Lyudmila Stebenkova has declared that this year can be not claimed to 75 % from this sum. employers are not interested to release people on hospital because often ill employees " are unprofitable to them; - madam Stebenkova has explained.

Representatives of trade unions consider that in unwillingness of Muscovites to leave on hospital heads of the enterprises of small-scale business are guilty. since 2005 first two days of the sick-list are paid by the employer, remained - FSS. It is unprofitable to Small-scale business - as consequence, for sick-lists in 2005 has addressed on 2,4 million persons less, than in 2004, - the chief of department of social guarantees of Federation of independent trade unions of Russia Andrey Tcherkasov has declared and has added: - People are afraid of the conflict to employers and consequently exhaust illnesses inside .

According to experts, the become tougher competition has resulted in a current situation in all branches of economy. last years the role of small business where work record cards and sick-lists frequently have no value " has strongly increased; - has declared the director of scientific programs of Independent institute of social policy Lilija Ovcharova. to Be ill it became unprofitable, as during illness the worker sustains losses in the salary. There are restrictions in the sum of payments under the sick-list, and not all employers pay them in full - the head of Institute of comparative researches of labour relations Veronica Kabalina ascertains. And the head of the Center of a demography and ecology of the person Anatoly Vishnevsky connects it with disrespect of employers for the labour legislation: To be ill did not become less - simply the sick-list has lost the former value which had in 90 - e years when the worker could not go for work and received money .

Physicians notice that colds transferred standing lead to complications and occurrence of chronic diseases. last ten years death rate from - for strokes, heart attacks of a myocardium, an asthma, a cancer of lungs and intestines cancer has considerably increased, - the main therapist Minzdravsotsrazvitija Alexander Chuchalin has declared. - Besides, the quantity of the people has increased in Russia, died houses. It is the direct proof of that they began to address less often for medical aid, transferring illnesses standing .