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the Mayoralty of Perm has lost dispute for the advanced boiler-house of Perm - thermal station “ Kondratovo “. As it became known „“, one of these days the cassation instance of federal arbitration court in Ekaterinburg has supported the previous decision on return on balance of MT “ Thermal station “ Kondratovo “ property of this boiler-house. Now it should be sold for debts from the auctions. However deputies gordumy which opposed losses of municipal property, on - former hope to keep it. They have obliged goradministratsiju to make the plan of action, necessary for this purpose. As it became known „“, the competitive managing director of MT “ HARDWARE Kondratovo “ Lyudmila Syrvachevoj managed to win dispute for property of the gone bankrupt municipal enterprise. The managing director insisted on return of actives of the enterprise on its balance. Now the property rents Open Company “ Perm toplivno - the power company “ (PTEK), and there is it on balance of municipal exchequer. The arbitration of Prikamye already in two instances has confirmed the requirement of the managing director. One of these days it was supported by cassation instance of federal arbitration court in Ekaterinburg.

“ thermal station “Κξνδπΰςξβξ“ “ (the Perm area, the item of Kondratovo) - one of the largest and modern Perm boiler-houses. The HARDWARE “ Kondratovo “ supplies with heat branches FGUP “ Verhnemullinsky “ available housing of the Perm area, Dzerzhinsky area of Perm. In March, 2003 the mayoralty of Perm has given a property complex of MT “ HARDWARE “Κξνδπΰςξβξ“ “ in rent for 30 years PTEK. HARDWARE collective “ Kondratovo “ has passed to work in PTEK, and the administration of Perm together with the tenant has created the commission, on which the parties have agreed about voluntary liquidation of MT. Thus a property complex “ Kondratovo “ Has been deduced from balance of the enterprise and it is issued behind municipal exchequer. In the beginning of 2006, under the statement of the liquidating commission, the regional arbitration court has entered competitive manufacture at the enterprise.

however to it deputies gordumy have opposed Perm. They were afraid that the managing director of the enterprise will start to form competitive weight at the expense of municipal property, and then will sell it. The same as it was with boiler-houses MUP “ Gorteploenergo “ (the managing director already started to prepare them for sale). Therefore the mayoralty has protested bankruptcy introduction on the HARDWARE “ Kondratovo “ but it is ineffectual.

thus to keep municipal property to the city authorities yet it was not possible. By data „“, the HARDWARE management “ Kondratovo “ has already notified the mayoralty on inventory carrying out. After the property will pass on the right hozvedenija in MT, the estimation and then the auctions will be spent. However a source close to the HARDWARE “ Kondratovo “ considers, as now, despite loss in business, the mayoralty will drag out in any image process of transition of property under MT control. “ most likely, complexities will be “ - considers a source.

Vitse - the speaker gordumy Denis Ushakov has confirmed „“ that there is a thought decision on which officials goradministratsii should make the plan of measures for property preservation. However, while in administration have not solved, how it to make. By data „“, a unique variant there is a repayment “ kreditorki “ the municipal enterprises at the expense of means of the budget and the further privatisation of objects. It is curious that in the administration of special hopes of preservation of property do not feed. The source „“ in goradministratsii has noticed that now a question of principle in that the property has been sold for the real price. The matter is that the volume of accounts payable of the enterprise makes an order of 30 million roubles (and the basic creditor is PTEK. - „“), and cost of a boiler-house much more. By data „“, the price for a boiler-house “ Kondratovo “ can make 150 - 200 million roubles. “ if the property is sold for the price, it is more than “ kreditorka “ the budget will receive this difference “ - has explained a source. As he said, the administration will supervise this process, first of all procedure of an estimation of property.
Anastas Kostin