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The Oryol tunnel risks to remain without a board

Today in St.-Petersburg the meeting on which Valentine Matvienko`s governor will tell to the president of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin about the basic investment projects which are realised in a city will take place. Among them - the Oryol tunnel near Neva which project now is on the statement in Glavgosekspertize. On the eve of meeting the designer of a tunnel - the company PSO and #39; System - the Tack and #39; - has shown to journalists as the similar tunnel in Moscow is under construction and why to houses in April street threatens nothing. With details - MARIA MOKEJCHEVA.
the minister of transport Igor Levitin and Minister of economic development and trade Herman Gref also will take part In meeting. Together with the president they can estimate scale Petersburg projects which either are already realised, or are just developed. One of them (such as the sea passenger terminal on Vasilevsky island, the ring highway, the western high-speed diameter (ZSD), the project of development of the airport of Pulkovo) have federal value, others (the elevated express train, the Oryol tunnel and new metro stations) are intended for the decision of intracity problems. We will notice that on October, 26th at session of the government of the Russian Federation the question on financing of two projects - the Oryol tunnel and ZSD - from means of Investment fund of the Russian Federation should be solved definitively.
the civil-engineering design of the Oryol tunnel developed design - building association System - the Tack (branch AFK System ) The third month is on the statement in Glavgosekspertize. However even the positive decision does not guarantee that at building the given project will be used. In the beginning of October Valentina Matvienko has supported inhabitants of houses in April street which protest against the tunnel will leave on a surface in immediate proximity from their houses, being afraid that those can simply collapse. Designers say that are ready to offer and other variants of connection of a tunnel with ulichno - a high system, but the existing variant is the most actual. in our offers everything is provided practically to improve a transport situation in a city - the first vice-president PSO " speaks; System - the Tack Vladimir Klinov.
the Designer of a tunnel, by the way, faces not for the first time protests of the inhabitants getting to a zone of building. For example, in Moscow, where PSO System - the Tack As a management company builds a tunnel under the Silver Pine forest, inhabitants of area Krylatsky, which as well as inhabitants of April street, were afraid for destiny of the houses protested.
as Vladimir Klinov has told, tunnel building in Petersburg on technology almost completely coincides with the Moscow. The main difference consists that in Moscow for preservation of a nature protection zone of the Silver Pine forest has been decided to combine an automobile tunnel with a line of a new line of the underground, therefore in that part where the tunnel leaves on a surface, depth of a foundation ditch reaches 40 metres. In Petersburg in this area of the underground it is not planned to build yet, therefore to leave under the earth it is necessary only on 12 metres. Also in the Moscow variant the complex consists of three tunnels - two for movement and one service, and in Petersburg - from two as absence of the underground allows to provide service without the device of an additional tunnel.
Idea of building of a tunnel which should connect the right and left coast of Neva in area Smolnogo, has appeared still in the middle of 1960 - h years. The decision about its building was accepted the government of Petersburg on April, 25th, 2006. The length of an underground part will make 937,7 metres. The maximum throughput of a tunnel - 60 thousand cars a day, in it will be on three lanes in each party. A total cost of building - nearby 26,8 mlrd roubles from which on an underground part it is required nearby 10 mlrd roubles. Building should come to the end in 2010. A project time of recovery of outlay - 18 years.
Now the board of German firm Herrenkneht belonging to the Moscow government, has finished the work in Silver to the Pine forest and in the near future will be dismantled and sent on sanitation. Then it by all means should go on other object. In PSO System - the Tack say that wanted, that the Oryol tunnel became this object. Earlier it was planned to deliver it to Petersburg on water before the termination of summer navigation, however the board quite can to departure and in other party. So, last Friday the decision was accepted that if the board will not be used at building of the Oryol tunnel it will go to Latvia: in Riga are going to construct tunnel transition near Daugava.
It is supposed that financing of building of a tunnel will be carried out in equal shares from investment fund of the Russian Federation (8,8 mlrd roubles), the city budget and from means of the private investor. Conditions kontsessionnogo competition should be declared till the end of 2006. As have informed in city committee on investments and strategic projects, competition declare irrespective of the statement of project PSO System - the Tack in Glavgosekspertize. This project will be only a basis for working out of a definitive variant which is recommended kontsessioneru, however that will have the right to change the base design decision, having kept the basic requirements on throughput and tunnel parametres. essentially we are ready to participate in competition, but the final decision will be accepted, when will publish its conditions - Vladimir Klinov has informed. Besides the developer of the project it is known also that show interest to tunnel building the Austrian company SHtrabek and the Shanghai tunnel company.

about Valentine Matvienko`s what investment projects will tell to Vladimir Putin

the Sea passenger terminal
In the western part of Vasilevsky island the modern seaport with throughput of 2,5 million passengers in a year will be constructed. On namytoj territories there will be some terminals and seven moorings for mooring kruiznyh and ferry liners. The project includes also deepening and reconstruction of existing coastal water area. Realises its Open Company the Management company ` the Sea facade ` .
the project Budget - 31,26 mlrd roubles.

the Ring highway
Building of transport detour round a city is conducted since 2001. Now for motor transport journey openly east half ring (from Seaside to the Moscow highway), till 2009 works on all road to station Bronka should be finished. The investor - Federal road agency of the Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation.
the project budget - 23,6 mlrd roubles for 2007.

the Western high-speed diameter
the Paid high-speed highway will connect the north of a city to the Big port and a ring highway. The general extent - 46,4 km. Building should finish in 2010.
the project budget - 84 mlrd roubles, from them 28 mlrd roubles - means from investment fund of the Russian Federation.

the Oryol tunnel
the Tunnel near Neva should provide continuous communication between left - and right-bank disctricts of the city, and also to promote improvement of a transport situation in a city and to increase throughput of Volgo - the Baltic waterway in 1,3 times. Building plan to finish in 2010.
the project budget - 26 mlrd roubles, from them 8,8 mlrd roubles - means from investment fund of the Russian Federation.

the Elevated express train
the Line of the easy underground of 26,3 km should connect in the extent five disctricts of the city (from the Baltic pearl to the underground Obuhovo ) Terminal stations of three lines of underground and suburban railway stations. First stage building will come to the end in 2008.
the project budget - 12,6 mlrd roubles.

Development of the airport of Pulkovo
To the north from the existing terminal of Pulkovo - 1 the new passenger terminal with the allocated zones for internal and international flights will be constructed. Its input is expected in 2010 - 2011. Subsequently expansion of the cargo terminal and platforms is planned also.
the project budget - nearby 30 mlrd roubles.

underground Development
In December, 2006 is planned station start-up Parnassus which will continue Is Moscow - the Petrograd line. In 2008 it is planned to put into operation new stations of underground: the World Area - 2 (with transition on Hay and Garden ) Zvenigorodsky (with transition on Pushkin ), the Bypass channel (without an exit on a surface), and also Volkovsky . Building of stations is financed on 80 % from city and on 20 % from the federal budget.
the project budget - 6,5 mlrd roubles from the city budget for 2007.