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“ Golden mean “ has counted up a damage on “ to the Maximum “

the Novosibirsk company “ Golden mean “ (ZS) has addressed to a broadcasting company of NTV with the offer to deny the information on its participation in financing of party of Grigory Grabovogo DRUGG. In the company have estimated the damage to its image put by this statement, sounded in the program “ the Maximum “ at least in 10 million rbl. In NTV a situation have refused to make comments, and in Novosibirsk branch DRUGG have declared that consider the shown plot “ a new stage of campaign of slander “ directed against Grigory Grabovogo`s pupils. General director ZS Alexey Borodin has directed past Wednesday to the general director of Open Society “ NTV Broadcasting company “ to Vladimir Kulistikovu the letter in which the offer contains to deny on air the information which has sounded on September, 30th in the program “ the Maximum “. As appears from the letter (its copy edition has), in a program plot it was said that “ to fill up party cash desk Novosibirsk “ grabovistov “ it is possible in any stall of “Sojuzpechati“ “. “ It is necessary to buy a discount card simply. Here it, costs 300 roubles. Very few people knows that, buying this discount card, he puts up money in Grigory Grabovogo`s business “ - the correspondent of the program speaks.
the author of the letter asserts that the resulted information does not represent the facts, and “ taking into account a public resonance on Grigory Grabovogo`s business (it is accused on the case of swindle which considers Tagansky court of Moscow) the similar statement of the company of NTV discredits honour, advantage and business reputation of company “Golden mean“ “.
the Company “ Golden mean “ - the Russian discount system. It is based in 2000 in Novosibirsk. Its owner is Victor Borodin. The system has been started in action on April, 2nd, 2001. Today into it enters more than 2000 enterprises, from them 700 - in Novosibirsk, the others - in 18 big cities of Russia. Owners of cards “ Golden mean “ there were almost 400 thousand persons. Financial indicators do not reveal.
As Alexey Borodin, " has declared yesterday „“; in the plot of NTV devoted to Novosibirsk branch of party of Grigory Grabovogo, charge to our company in financing of the given party actually contains. It is slander! “. As he said, it does not know that has given the grounds to journalist Alexey Baharev to make such “ a binding “. Probably, Alexey Borodin has noticed, it is connected by that “ the leader of Novosibirsk branch DRUGG is Sergey Borodin - my brother who was at the beginnings of our company, but it already has more than three years to it no any relation “.
Sergey Borodin has confirmed yesterday „“ words of the brother, having declared that “ for a long time does not work in “Golden mean“ “. He has informed also that journalists from NTV came to it and asked to take part “ in film creation about Grigorii Petroviche (Grabovom. - „“) as about one of the most known people of year “. Plot occurrence in the program “ the Maximum “ Sergey Borodin considers “ a new stage of campaign of the slander, Grabovogo directed on pupils “ to which itself carries. As he said, use by the journalist of a discount card “ Golden mean “ - “ a conscious juggling “.
On the offer „“ to estimate a situation the head of the press-service of NTV Maria Bezborodov yesterday has informed that “ the broadcasting company while in any way does not make comments on this point in question “.
In the meantime ZS intend to address in court, if as the general director of the company has told, “ NTV will refuse to us refutation placing “. As he said, it estimates a damage put to image of the company, a minimum in 10 million rbl.
Yury Belov