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The Chechen jurymen ask to wait

on October, 24th, 1991 the Supreme body of RSFSR has accepted the concept of judicial reform in which it was said that in the cases established by the law guilt of the defendant is established by jurymen. In 1993 the right of the citizen to be the offender has been registered by a jury in the Constitution of the Russian Federation and fixed by the Supreme body by entering of amendments into laws About legal proceedings Criminally - remedial and Criminal codes. First proceeding with participation of jurymen has taken place on November, 15th, 1993 in Saratov. In 1993 - 1994 such courts have appeared in eight regions: the Moscow, Ivanovo, Ryazan, Saratov, Rostov and Ulyanovsk areas, the Altay and Krasnodar edges. However distributions of this experience on other subjects has not followed. On July, 1st, 2002 has come into force new Criminally - the remedial code entering since January, 1st, 2003 juries in all territory of the country. But on December, 27th, 2002 amendments to the law " have been approved; About introduction in action UPK the Russian Federation about stage-by-stage introduction of a jury in the remained 80 subjects of federation depending on degree of their readiness . According to this law on January, 1st, 2003 juries have appeared in 60 regions, on July, 1st - in 13 (including in Moscow), on January, 1st, 2004 - in 5 subjects, including St.-Petersburg. Amendments to the law About introduction in action UPK the Russian Federation provided that in the Chechen Republic juries should earn since January, 1st, 2007. It was based on that by this moment in republic local governments which, according to the law, are engaged in selection of candidates in jury and the statement of their lists should earn.