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The future of Kemerovo have concerned childly

Yesterday board of the mayoralty of Kemerovo has considered the project of the concept of a social and economic development of the city for 2007-2021, prepared by economists of the Kemerovo state university (KemGU). They have suggested to transform a city into innovative capital of Kuzbas, and accent have made on care of children. The project was not pleasant to many officials the uncertainty though it and have left as a basis for the further preparation of long-term plans for development of capital of Kuzbas. They should get the definitive kind by the end nowadays - shnego year. Council of People`s Deputies of Kemerovo has confirmed the technical project on working out of the concept of an economic development of the city in the end of June. The group of economists of KemGU undertook preparation of its project led by professor Vladimir Shabashovym. They have carried out the analysis of a current state of a city, a demographic situation, level of disease, tendencies of development of the basic branches of economy and on the basis of the received data have prepared the document on 250 pages.
retelling its maintenance, Vladimir Shabashov has made a reservation that the prepared project yet does not assume any detailed elaboration, figures and concrete terms. It is provided to make all at a following stage of planning. Then on the basis of the concept programs for five both 10 years and plans with the decision of specific targets will be prepared. But, as the lecturer has underlined, the concept should define the general purpose and mission of development of Kemerovo.
in mission formulations, even in spite of the fact that it was offered three variants, it has not appeared words about coal, the big chemistry, and in general about economy. The variant which was offered first of all by developers, suggested to see mission that Healthy and formed children are the future of innovatively developing city . Vladimir Shabashov has explained such vision by that in a city, as well as in other country, the negative increase in population, and among children and teenagers last two years is noted sharp growth of disease. Therefore, according to the scientist, it is necessary to take care first of all of them, and they will define the future in 14 years. As a result of realisation of such mission the city should be generated as innovative capital of Kuzbas .
so uncertain outlines of the future city and children as development mission have strongly surprised Participants of session. Representatives of branch divisions of the mayoralty did not accept absence of mentions of their lines of activity ( it is insulting that social protection is not present ), discrepancies in a statement of some private problems ( whence you took these materials on public health services? ) And the main thing - absence of concrete indicators of development. The chief of a municipal government of public health services Edward Shpiljansky has noticed that disease growth in 2004-2005, noted in the concept project, actually was simply revealing of a real picture of disease among children and teenagers as the government has allocated means for their prophylactic medical examination. this document needs to be altered completely - the mister Shpiljansky has scarified the concept.
the Member of board, the general director the North Kuzbass power company Dmitry Volkov all the same has taken an interest, whether it is impossible to be defined, what branches of a city economy should be developed in the forthcoming future. But has received the answer that development locomotives are not visible yet . It has appeared that the large industrial companies of Kemerovo are not connected to long-term city planning. According to Vladimir Shabashova, the majority of the enterprises were limited to that reports on the work for 2005 and only Open Society " have delivered to developers; Coke - the plan for development till 2020. Professor KemGu has once again underlined that concrete programs and plans will be developed later when plans from prompredprijaty nevertheless will be received.
the chief of department of is standard-legal work of the mayoralty Vitaly Naletov has supported developers of the concept. He has noticed that at them was not enough time, and a payment it have established symbolical - in other cities spend for it of ten millions roubles. And errors and discrepancies first of all are caused by those materials which have given administration departments. He has suggested to rectify errors and to continue work. It was supported by the first vice-speaker of the City Council Vyacheslav Lozing, as the concept is necessary to move, it is necessary to see prospects . I an island Mayors Victor Tsygankov has offered misters Shabashovu and Lozingu together with it to define structure of working group which will finish this project.
Igor Lavrenkov, Kemerovo