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  the Finance Half of Sverdlovsk budget will go on sotsialku Yesterday the governor of Sverdlovsk area Edward Rossel presented to deputies of regional Legislative Assembly the report on financial plans of region for 2007. As he said, the budget - 2007 will make 87 mlrd rbl., and taking into account federal funds - 93 mlrd the rbl. of 46 % of means from them will are directed on social expenses.
Maria Istomin

  the Finance the Chelyabinsk budget is accepted in the first chteniideputaty the Chelyabinsk area have approved in the first reading the bill of the sufficient budget for 2007. Its incomes and expenses should make on 39, 630 mlrd roubles. As it was informed earlier, the optimistical variant of the forecast socially - economic development of the Chelyabinsk area for 2007 became a project basis. The indicator of incomes is calculated proceeding from predicted increase in profit of the enterprises at 19 %, the size of payment - on 21 %, mid-annual cost of property of the enterprises - on 7 %. According to the regional Ministry of Finance, transfers will make of the federal budget 3, 7 mlrd roubles, or 9 % of incomes of the regional budget (in 2006 - 10, 7 %). To accept the budget in the second and third readings it is planned at an emergency meeting of regional parliament on October, 31st.
Interfax - Ural Mountains

  the International cooperation Participation in project OEZ the Titanic valley have confirmed 16 companies The interest in project realisation on creation in Sverdlovsk area of a special economic zone (OEZ) the Titanic valley as investors have already confirmed 16 large companies from Russia, the USA, France, Great Britain, Japan, Germany - the governor of region Edward Rossel has informed yesterday. As he said, besides the joint venture created American Boeing and the corporation VSMPO - Avisma in a special economic zone manufacture creation gornoshahtnogo, the metallurgical and oil and gas equipment is expected. As it was informed, in project realisation on creation in Sverdlovsk area OEZ the Titanic valley can take part a number of the largest foreign companies, among which Boeing, Snecma, Rolls-Royce, Yamaha - Motors.
Interfax - Ural Mountains

  the Auctions the Earth in Chelyabinsk was sold by auction for 310 million roubles Yesterday on the open auction auctions on sale of the right of rent of the ground areas under housing construction 4 prizes have been exposed. In struggle for a site the area of 14,77 thousand in sq. m the winner had been recognised firm Metchelstroj The offered 130,978 million roubles at initial cost of a prize in 81,861 million roubles. The winner of auction on the rent right to the ground area the area of 81,170 thousand in sq. m had been recognised Open Company firm the File offered for it 179,708 million roubles that corresponds to initial cost of a prize.
Olga Kuznetsova

  Incident Journalists the Fourth channel have beaten on building the Film crew of the Ekaterinburg company the Fourth channel has been beaten by security guards of building in settlement the Green pine forest (the Top Pyshma, Sverdlovsk area). Reporter Vladimir Samborsky and operator Alexey Anosov together with driver Arthur Hajrullinym have arrived to settlement to rent under construction house where on October, 25th as a result of a collapse one person was lost, and two have been hospitalised. However the security guards who were on duty near the house, have called company management - the builder, then have pulled out rubber bludgeons and have snatched on the operator and the journalist. security guards there were nearby 6 persons, - reporter Vladimir Samborsky has told, - one beat me and the operator on a head, a back to hands and feet . After journalists have run to the car, the security guard pursued them on all way. As the mister Samborsky has informed, after incident the film crew has addressed in fracture clinic and in the Department of Internal Affairs of the Top Pyshma. we have written the application with the request to institute criminal proceedings the unknown security guard - the journalist has informed. After that, according to Vladimir Samborsky, the police squad has brought the infringer of an order to branch. We will notice that security guards of an under construction building roughly behaved and with journalists of TV channels Studio - 41 and Russia - Ural Mountains . As the chief - the news editor " has noted; Studio - 41 Alexey Fajustov, security guards have forbidden to rent fallen house close up, and also obscenely were expressed and threatened to break the chamber.
Anna Motorin

  Investigation In Tyumen have detained false Katya ChehovuV Tjumeni the swindlers who have organised a concert of the double of popular singer Katya Chehovoj are exposed, the head of department on struggle against economic crimes (UBEP) has informed the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of the Tyumen region Vladimir Tcherepanov. The message about preparing lzhe - a concert has arrived from Moscow. The exclusive agency of singer Katya Chehovoj has answered inquiry of employees UBEP of the Tyumen region that performances of the singer in Tyumen is not planned. As it was found out, the certain Muscovite Rumjantseva similar outwardly on the singer was Katya Chehovoj`s double, mister Tcherepanov has specified. in Tyumen a concert of the singer waited, it has been sold more than 300 tickets, cost of 500 roubles everyone. The speculator and its accomplices - di - dzhej and the organizer of a concert, have been detained by operative group - he has noted. On the given fact criminal case under item 159 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (swindle) is brought. Now with the permission of the inspector criminals have returned to Moscow, under our data, the concert in Tyumen was at them the first - Vladimir Tcherepanov has added.
Interfax - Ural Mountains

  Judiciary practice Printing house the Ural worker have fined for propagation narkotikovvchera the Kirov district court of Ekaterinburg recognised that in books Culture of times of the Apocalypse (publishing house Ultraculture ) and Club culture (publishing house At - the Trading station ) Published in printing house the Ural worker propagation of narcotics contains. As have informed in a press - service of regional court in this connection the printing house should pay the penalty at a rate of 9 thousand roubles, or appeal against against the decision of court within 10 days. Thus, the court recognised as lawful actions of management of Federal Agency of supervision of drug trafficking on Sverdlovsk area (UFSKN) which employees have withdrawn circulations of books from publishing house. As have explained in court, after the introduction of the judicial certificate into validity the further destiny of books will be defined by employees of regional state drug enforcement. The editor-in-chief of publishing house At - the Trading station Alexander Biserov named such judgement concerning printing house simply shocking. now printing houses should or to look through and estimate given materials, or to register in contracts with printing houses all responsibility for printed matter. And if further state drug enforcement has legal proceedings with publishing house, At - the Trading station it is ready to defend the rights - he has noted . According to the chief of legal department of printing house the Ural worker Ninas Bogovoj, the management has already decided to appeal against against a judgement.
Sergey Antonov

  Metallurgy VSMPO has replaced postavshchikovoao Corporation VSMPO - Avisma from - for failures on mine of Perm Open Society Uralkaly will receive raw materials for release of magnesium from Solikamsk Open Society Silvinit . As the mayor of Berezniki Andrey Motovilov heading an emergency response centre on control over a situation on mine, for the prevention of curtailment of production of magnesium on " has declared; VSMPO - Avisma the arrangement with " is already reached; Silvinitom about increase in release enriched karnallita, used as raw materials for magnesium. For this purpose the Solikamsk enterprise Silvinit will increase productivity of the concentrating factory, on which for Avismy will work enough not less than 150 tons of raw materials a day. For this purpose on Silvinit the group of experts " is sent; Uralkalija which start to work since October, 27th - he has told.
Interfax - the Volga region

  the Power MRSK Ural Mountains and Volga wants to establish uniform tarifoao MRSK Ural Mountains and Volga left with the initiative in the regional power commissions (REK) to consider possibility of introduction of new system of formation of network tariffs. As have informed in a press - company service, it is offered to pass on so-called kotlovoj a method of calculation which assumes installation of the blanket tariff for transfer of the electric power for all consumers in region. Today consumers are connected to electric systems of two types of the organisations: the regional network companies (RSK) and the municipal electronetwork enterprises. For each organisation local REK establish the tariff. Thus the difference in tariffs can reach 20 - 25 %. Thus, the subscriber connected to municipal networks, is compelled to pay much more those who receives the electric power directly from RSK. At transition to new system of calculation for all consumers in region the blanket tariff will be established. Thus the regional network company will conduct all calculations with consumers and the municipal electronetwork organisations. Thus, confirm in MRSK, will probably co-ordinate the program of development of networks and to lower cross subsidising.
Alexey Burov