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« to the Kirov aviation enterprise »

the Arbitration court of the Kirov region recognised as void the second transaction on   to sale being in   the federal property of planes FGUP « the Kirov aviation enterprise » to private airlines. However in   created on   to base of state enterprise of Open Society « the Kirov aviation enterprise » not   are assured that the plane sold three years ago on   twice underestimated cost, will return in   Kirov: FGUP is in   a condition of bankruptcy and   not   can pay off on   to obligations before bought it « Ruslajnom ». As it became known « » the decision about   a recognition of the illegal transaction on   to sale FGUP « the Kirov aviation enterprise » They be 134   the Moscow airline « Ruslajn » the Kirov arbitration has taken out 23   October. Proceeding on   To recognition of the illegal transaction lasted two years. Duration of consideration in   to Office of Public Prosecutor explain features of modern judicial system and   legislations.
the Office of Public Prosecutor demanded to recognise as illegal the contracts concluded in   2002 and #151; 2003   years. Then the director of state enterprise Valentine Komlev has sold the Moscow airline « Ruslajn » and   Sochi « CHernomor - Avia » two being in   state properties of the plane They are 134 . Preliminary it   has divided aircrafts on   components: engines, units and   gliders, and   with   the request to allow to sell gliders head FGUP has addressed to   to the director of department of state ownership of the Kirov region of that time Gennady Pentegovu. That not   interfered, whereas the consent on   sale of federal property is a prerogative of the Ministry of Property of the Russian Federation.   In   result planes have been sold for   15   million rbl. of the Sochi airline and   for   8,5   million rbl. of the Moscow. On   to the data of regional Office of Public Prosecutor, planes have been sold on   at least twice underestimated cost.
criminal case on   to the facts of illegal sale of state property it has been raised by the Kirov regional Office of Public Prosecutor in   December 2003   year. In   November 2004   year Gennady Pentegov and   Valentine Komlev have been condemned on   p.1   item 293   (« the Negligence ») and   p.1   item 201   (« Abusing office powers ») UK   the Russian Federation   and   are fined on   20   and   50 thousand rbl. accordingly.
recognitions of invalidity of the transaction about   to sale They be 134   « CHernomor - Avia » the Office of Public Prosecutor has achieved one year ago. Inhabitants of Sochi not   began to appeal against against the decision and   are ready to return the plane. « Ruslajn » also not   expects to challenge the decision of the Kirov arbitration.
but it is obvious that planes will return in   Kirov not   soon. In   airlines are afraid that being with   February 2005   year in   to procedure of bankruptcy FGUP « the Kirov aviation enterprise » not   can execute the obligations on   to the terminated transaction and   to return money.
in created on   to base of actives FGUPa (take-off - a landing strip in length 2,2   thousand in m,   three planes   and #151; An - 24 , An - 26 and   An - 2 , the helicopter Mi - 2 and   an airport building) Open Society « the Kirov aviation enterprise » assert that consequences of a recognition of the transaction insignificant the new enterprise not   concern. Thus, as notice on   the enterprise, They be 134 , sold « Ruslajnu » now an uninviting active: « Territorially the plane is in   Minsk about two years on   capital repairs. And   that it   has flied up, it is required to enclose an order 36   million rbl. Thus appointed resource of the plane already approaches to   to the end so for operation it should be prolonged ».
IRINA of Rostov, Kirov