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The seaside parliament has received the new speaker

Yesterday the chairman of Legislative Assembly (ZS) Primorski Krai the fourth convocation United Russia party member Victor Gorchakov holding earlier a post vitse - the governor of edge has been selected. In full conformity with presidium recommendations gensoveta an United Russia by the leader of fraction of United Russia party members in seaside parliament the secretary of regional political council Vladimir Kurilov has been selected. And here re-election for new term representative ZS in the Federation Council Igor Pushkarev`s (Council of Federation) that also recommended presidium gensoveta to the party in power, can cause split in seaside branch an United Russia . As seaside governor Sergey Darkin yesterday has declared, it objects to promotion of a nominee of the senator without the preliminary coordination at regional level. Yesterday the seaside parliament has gathered for the first, after the elections which have taken place on October, 8th, session. In the agenda one question - election of chairman ZS appeared only. The outcome of voting of doubts did not cause: an United Russia has won a shattering victory on elections, having spent to regional parliament 30 of 40 deputies (the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and Freedom and democracy have received under three mandates, the Russian party of pensioners and independent - on two. - ). On the eve of the first session ZS of new convocation at organizational session of fraction United Russia party members have unanimously selected Vladimir Kurilova`s leader. And that, on behalf of fraction and presidium gensoveta an United Russia has suggested to support Victor Gorchakova`s nominee on a post of the speaker. it is completely prepared for holding this post - mister Kurilov has told. Alternative candidates were not put forward. Moreover, communist Vladimir Bespalov has declared that the regional organisation of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation has decided to support a nominee of mister Gorchakova. We consider that it will consolidate efforts of all fractions to life improvement primortsev - companion Bespalov has explained. During ballot in support of Victor Gorchakova has expressed 36 of 38 taken part in voting (two more bulletins have been recognised by void). It is very good nominee. It is assured that Victor Vasilevich (Gorchakov. - ) can adjust constructive work ZS - governor Darkin has commented to journalists on results of session.
the Newly made speaker has declared that the primary goal sees legislative maintenance of the decision socially - economic problems of edge, and has promised to find things in common with all deputy case. Following session of seaside parliament on which it is supposed to finish formation of directing bodies ZS, in particular to define structures of six committees, will pass, most likely, next week. It is possible not to doubt that all supervising posts in seaside parliament will be occupied exclusively with United Russia party members.
Under laws of political strike we should occupy with United Russia party members all posts of chairmen of committees. As members of our party in ZS the majority - and will occur - Vladimir Kurilov has assured . Opponents an United Russia have already reconciled to the inevitable. an United Russia privatises all committees. Problems at them in this plan will not be - the first secretary seaside krajkoma the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, the deputy of the State Duma Vladimir Grishukov is assured. As he said, communists all - taki hope to spend the deputies in assistants to chairmen of committees. And regional member of parliament Evgenie Olomsky ( Freedom and democracy ) Is afraid that in ZS there will be a full dictatorship, game in one collar from outside an United Russia .
the Only thing that threatens positions of United Russia party members in seaside parliament is a split in own numbers. It can occur during discussion of a question of appointment of representative ZS in Council of Federation. As already informed , governor Darkin lobbied a nominee of businessman Yury Stepanchenko which in parliament of the previous convocation headed fraction of United Russia party members. Vladimir Kurilov and the mayor of Vladivostok Vladimir Nikolays acted for prolongation of powers of operating senator Igor Pushkarev. As a result presidium gensoveta an United Russia has supported a nominee of mister Pushkarev. But mister Darkin did not recognise defeat. At session of the regional political council which has taken place on Tuesday, governor Darkin has subjected to criticism the party leadership decision. Yesterday governor Darkin has explained that objects not against a personnel, and Against the form as it has been made . It is necessary to choose at first directing bodies ZS, to consult to deputies, and then to leave with a nominee. The question in Moscow dared without our permission. The presidium gensoveta has the right to offer a nominee, but we also have the right to express the opinion - governor Darkin believes. Vladimir Kurilov with the head of region does not agree: the Governor as the party member as the member of presidium of regional political council, of course, should take measures that the presidium decision gensoveta has been realised . However mister Darkin does not exclude possibility of that on a post of the senator can be and other nominee except Igor Pushkarev. other decision, except Pushkarev`s statement, cannot be, because this decision of presidium gensoveta, it is supported by regional political council. As party discipline each party member should obey to this decision - the secretary of regional political council insists.
we will remind that the rector of the Far East state university Vladimir Kurilov has been selected by the head of seaside United Russia party members in the end of April of current year, under the direct recommendation of the leader an United Russia Boris Gryzlov, having replaced with this post vitse - governor Yury Popova. Mister Darkin has jealously concerned occurrence in edge of the centre of political influence independent of the regional authorities, and, according to the experts, relations between the governor and the secretary of regional political council have developed rather strained.
Alexey Tchernyshev, Vladivostok