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FAS has responded to call “ Jungle “

Yesterday the Voronezh management of Federal antimonopoly service (FAS) has brought action against a casino “ Jungle “ upon placing of advertising of an institution outside of a casino that contradicts the law on advertising. As has explained the vice-president of management Vitaly Popov, antimonopolshchiki begin scale planned check local gambling institutions, in particular legality of placing of prize-winning cars in streets. According to experts, check cannot render serious influence on business as regular customers of a casino do not pay attention to outdoor advertising. Yesterday the Voronezh management FAS has begun scale check of activity of a gaming. The gambling house " became its first victim; Jungle “. As has informed the vice-president of management Vitaly Popov in spite of the fact that under the law on advertising placing of advertising materials of gambling institutions is supposed only in their buildings, a casino “ Jungle “ Has arranged the advertising extension in the street Plehanovsky in the centre of Voronezh. Yesterday FAS has brought action by results of which consideration the gambling house can be fined for the sum to 500 thousand roubles. “ we addressed in other casinos, and they have cleaned advertising from streets “ - mister Popov has told. He has added that next week FAS intends to check up legality of placing before gambling institutions of the prize-winning cars actually advertising activity of a casino. “ we do not connect the begun check with campaign against a gaming which is developed on the country as a whole. Our check has been planned half a year back “ - Vitaly Popov has specified.

in a casino “ Jungle “ making comments on a situation, have declared that experts FAS did not address to a management of a gambling institution and did not transfer them documents on business excitation. “ I do not understand, why our extension consider illegal “ - one of managers of a casino has explained and has added that before “ Jungle “ the prize-winning car is not present. The deputy gordumy Sergey Kudryavtsev who is considered as one of co-owners of a casino, yesterday too has refused to comment on a situation, having referred that does not concern at all a gaming. In other casinos of Voronezh from comments concerning the initiative of antimonopoly service have refrained.

however, according to the committee-man on business of the Voronezh regional Duma of Andrey Zotkina, check FAS will not bring expected results as formally cars exposed before a casino as a prospective prize, advertise the motor shows which have given them, instead of gambling institutions. “ any such car does not belong to a casino, accordingly won wins a prize from a motor show, instead of from a gambling institution “ - mister Zotkin who is the co-owner of motor shows " has explained; Vinner - In “ and “ Renault - city “. In its opinion even if FAS it will be possible to convince participants of a gaming to clean the car and other advertising materials from streets, their actions will not be reflected on attendance of a casino. “ in Voronezh there was a certain circle of “game“ people, and holders of a casino, as a rule, know the regular customers. And advertising involves only casual any passers-by who do small rates and comes to casino to hang out “ - Andrey Zotkin has explained, having assumed that for some gambling institutions liquidation of their advertising from streets will do good.

Oleg Grigorenko