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The Khabarovsk builders have accused of irresponsibility

Yesterday at session of the government of Khabarovsk territory the minister of building Victor Mishin has declared that local builders have ruined habitation input. On its information, for today the annual plan of works by them it is executed only on 28 %. Thus mister Mishin could not name the obvious reason of decrease in rates of building, however has expressed confidence that till the end of the year this plan will be executed. However the governor of Khabarovsk territory Victor Ishayev has suggested to get rid at first of administrative barriers and to be defined, what real requirement of a city of Khabarovsk for building of new habitation. Yesterday at the expanded session of the regional government local ministers have discussed problems which the region faces during realisation of priority national projects in Khabarovsk territory. The sharpest conversation has taken place concerning the national project “ Accessible and comfortable habitation - to citizens of Russia “ Which basic indicator consists in increase in volumes of housing construction. Under the sounded information of the regional minister of building of Victor Mishina, plan performance on habitation input in edge makes only 28 % from the annual. We will remind, according to the plan, all builders in Khabarovsk territory it was by the end of the year planned to hand over 194 thousand in sq. m of habitation.
“ the failure on habitation input is observed practically in all districts and edge municipal unions “ - mister Mishin has generalised, having noticed that a unique exception is FGUP “ USS “Dalspetsstroj“ at Spetsstroe of Russia “ which in 2006 has mastered level of works of 2005. (“ Dalspetsstroj “ - one of six largest builders of Khabarovsk territory, specialising on performance of state orders. - „“). All other builders working in cities and areas of edge, under its data, have lowered the indicators. To find out on a place opinion of heads of the building organisations it was not possible: at a hall there was only a chief “ Dalspetsstroja “ Yury Hrizman.
According to minister Mishina, failure figures of input of habitation in 2006 “ testify only to one - local governments, having in the hands such powerful resource as granting of the ground areas under building, and almost uncontrolledly disposing of this resource, have withdrawn from responsibility for timely development of the allocated ground areas “.
According to the put forward thesis, head regional minstroja has offered some ways with which help, in its opinion, it would be possible to stimulate builders to escalating of rates of works and volumes of handed over habitation. In particular, to oblige heads of city municipal unions to carry out constant monitoring of a course of building of housing objects in the territories, and at carrying out of auctions on the ground areas - to include in conditions of auction terms of development of the ground areas. The offer also has arrived to conduct the register of substandard customers, builders and contractors with its publication in mass-media and a direction of representations in law enforcement bodies. However, the minister could not explain the reason of falling of rates of building, having assumed that in the market it is possible to explain noted tendency only “ simply irresponsibility of customers “. Nevertheless it it is oath has promised to governor Victor Ishayev that all declared objects till the end of the year will be handed over. The governor has reproached officials minstroja that they “ do not watch that occurs in branch “ also has assumed that builders can detain delivery of objects only for one reason: “ Probably, they expect increase of the price for square metre. After New year it usually skips “. “ Find out, in what the reason, and will solve a problem “ - the governor of officials of the ministry has puzzled.
the governor has demanded “ accurate and distinct answers, for what reason there is a restraint “ building industry growth. Mister Mishin has answered it that under condition of elimination of an administrative barrier term of reception by builders of the allowing town-planning documentation it would be possible to reduce a minimum to a year.
“ time stirs something, it is necessary to clean these obstacles. Paint, in this direction who should work: administration, heads, businessmen, the Department of Internal Affairs, Office of Public Prosecutor and still who? “ - Victor Ishayev has rigidly demanded. Then it has taken an interest, what requirement for new habitation for a city of Khabarovsk. It has appeared that the level of demand on habitation is unknown to officials of the regional government. Victor Mishin some time has repeated that in turn on reception of the preferential mortgage given within the limits of the national project, today costs more than 1200 statements. “ you in vain count that national projects of the president will solve our problems. Who does nothing - nobody will help that. I want to see accurate understanding and the concrete plan of that we are obliged to make for the decision of problems which face inhabitants “ - mister Ishayev has explained to it. He has asked the heads of municipal areas of edge sitting in a hall, to develop own programs on realisation of national projects: “ At once put in the programs and budgets own means that it has not turned out so that you have accepted the program, and I should carry out one it “.
Olga Shulga