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Ministry for Protection of the Environment and Natural Resources has adhered Sakhalin - 2

the Head of Ministry for Protection of the Environment and Natural Resources Yury Trutnev, being on a visit on Sakhalin, should sum up project check Sakhalin - 2 . However check have prolonged for a month. Thus neither officials, nor participants of the project do not doubt any more that it will not be stopped. The auction goes round the sum of penalties and indemnifications which will count to Sakhalin - 2 . Branch experts consider that its size will be proportional to growth of the estimate of the project on which its operator Sakhalin Energy insists. Past Wednesday visit to Sakhalin heads of Ministry for Protection of the Environment and Natural Resources Yury Trutnev has come to the end. It was supposed that the minister will sum up complex check Sakhalin - 2 which has been begun in September. However and. An island of the head of Sakhalin branch Rosprirodnadzora Dmitry Belanovich has asked to prolong check for a month. Yury Trutnev has agreed with it. Simultaneously it has charged to department to count up within four months a damage from infringement of the nature protection legislation in frameworks Sakhalin - 2 . The minister has added that actions of contractors of the company - the operator of the project - Sakhalin Energy (its shareholders - Shell, Mitsui and Mitsubishi) fall under five articles of the Criminal code and within two weeks materials will are transferred in Office of Public Prosecutor.
according to mister Belanovicha, for a month 54 retraces (change of a route of the pipeline) are revealed, the set of illegal deforestation is revealed. Roundabout glades did the companies - contractors when encountered almost impassable obstacles in the stipulated route. Officials accuse Sakhalin Energy of formation of artificial landslips on coast of 80 spawning reservoirs, in many of which the drain is actually stopped. 26 licences for water use are given out the company, and all their Rosprirodnadzor recommends to withdraw. Expenses for damage elimination only on water objects will make, by department estimations, about $100 million
In most Sakhalin Energy say that yet did not receive results of check and any penalties of the company is not written out. However in August it has suspended building on several sites of the pipeline in the general extent of 7 km.
when calculation of penalties will end, most likely, their size will be estimated hundreds millions dollars. However the legislation does not limit us at calculation of the size of a compensatory damage (that is the means necessary on restoration of an ecosystem. - ) which will make billions dollars - have explained in Ministry for Protection of the Environment and Natural Resources. Penalties and compensatory payments do not concern compensated expenses.
branch experts believe that financial claims to to Sakhalin - 2 Will depend on tractability Sakhalin Energy at discussion of the estimate of the project which the company intends to increase from $12 mlrd to $21,9 billion It is not necessary to doubt that infringements of the ecological legislation took place, - the analyst of Alpha bank Konstantin Batunin believes. - And ecology in the world community concern very quiveringly. And even if Sakhalin Energy the fact will address in the international court, not that it will support it. Therefore discussion of the size of the estimate will go in parallel calculation of an ecological damage . At the same time officials, Sakhalin Energy, analysts any more do not say that the project will stop. This position was confirmed even with the president of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin who has declared one of these days that it is necessary to sit down a table and to agree . Also has expressed confidence that the decision will be found.
Denis Rebrov, Ernest Filippovsky, Sakhalin