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To the Baikal regions Officials of administration of the Irkutsk region and the government of Buryatiya have suggested to merge zones

agree to unite projects of a special economic zone turistsko - recreational type on Baikal, which both regions created separately from each other. The offer on merge has been sounded in the beginning of week at session of the competitive commission of the Ministry of economic development and trade of the Russian Federation under which decision of the demand of the Baikal regions left in a final stage. Commission MERT will publish the final decision on Monday. Experts consider that will unite projects OEZ rather difficult from - for conceptual distinctions. The authorities of the Irkutsk region and Buryatiya have commented yesterday on the decision of commission MERT of the Russian Federation, having declared that association of demands for creation of a uniform special economic zone (OEZ) defensible and will raise investment appeal of the project. We will remind that demands for creation OEZ have submitted 28 subjects of Federation, in the second round have passed 17.
In the ending for a victory will struggle Irkutsk and the Kaliningrad region, Stavropol and Krasnodar territory, Republic Buryatiya, Altay territory and Republic Altai. Following the results of session of the commission the head of Ministry of economic development and trade Herman Gref has declared to journalists that in the ending have passed those potential applicants for special economic zones for whom we have unanimously voted . Thus the minister has not excluded possibility of association of demands of regions - neighbours. Thus, in the near future in the Russian Federation there can be four zones. According to mister Gref, the commission will carry out the legal analysis of the offer on merge of projects. On October, 30th commission MERT once again will in details study the selected demands. He recognised that association of projects will result to very big loading and for administrative potential, and for resources but is more detailed on this theme did not begin to speak.
it was initially supposed that the Irkutsk region and Buryatiya will submit the general demand on competition, but the authorities of regions have solved differently. And both regions involved for working out of the project of the same international adviser - the Canadian company Ecosign. Angarski Krai has made a choice in favour of Listvjanki where on several sites a total area more than 420 hectares are supposed to construct 15 hotels three stars, nine hotels four stars, four hotels five stars, 300 guest 10 - local cottages. These objects at a time can accept 11200 tourists and having a rest.
in the project also have been included the congress - the centre and an aquapark on 500 visitors, it is sports - improving complexes and considerable number of infrastructural objects. To realise the power project plan for 14 years, since 2007.
it is offered to spend For infrastructure creation 4,32 mlrd roubles at the expense of budgets of all levels (half of this sum - the federal budget) and 10 mlrd roubles of private investments. Buryatiya has suggested the federal centre to create OEZ the area of 78 thousand in hectare in Pribajkalsky area of Buryatiya. Into it will enter, in particular, the small lake Kotokel and mountain peak in height of 1771 m. Is planned to construct a mountain-skiing complex in cost more than 7,5 mlrd the roubles, eight hotels five stars, nine - four-star, 13 hotels three stars and 400 cottages, all on 11,86 thousand places. On creation of a base infrastructure (reconstruction and a construction of roads, municipal networks, reconstruction VPP of the airport the Uhlan - Ude and etc.) The republic suggests to spend 6,98 mlrd roubles.
the minister of economic development and external relations of the government of Buryatiya Tatyana Dumnova considers that demands of Buryatiya and the Irkutsk region have mutually strengthened each other also expects same sinergeticheskogo effect from realisation of all big tourist project on lake Baikal . However, communicating with journalists, she has specified that while about a victory to speak early. Zamgubernatora Sergey Voronov has declared to the Irkutsk region to the Siberian news that the administration of the Irkutsk region does not object to creation on Baikal joint with Buryatiya OEZ.
Meanwhile, according to observers, association of demands is complicated them conceptual distinctions and shortage of means for high-grade realisation.
It is known that next year the federal budget tourist OEZ will allocate for financing only 1,1 mlrd roubles (it is supposed that regions - winners in general will allocate the same sum. - ). In Federal agency on management of special economic zones recognise that the sums rather modest, but for start of projects will suffice .
the Expert in sphere of tourist industry of the Baikal region Vadim Kopylov has assumed that to an incorporated zone, in case of its creation, most likely, it is necessary to moderate appetites and to refuse (or to postpone. - ) from realisation of some projects. He considers as plus that in case of creation united OEZ business will be not not disturbed by administrative barriers: the Uniform management of a zone submitting directly to Federation, certainly, will remove a part of questions .
Sergey Berg