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Race for power the Prefect - the communist have removed from by-election Yesterday the candidate of the Oryol City Council from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, the plenipotentiary of the mayor in the Soviet disctrict of the city Vladimir Zagajnov (actually carries out functions of the prefect) has addressed with the statement addressed to the public prosecutor of the Russian Federation and the chairman of the Supreme court with the request to pay attention on illegal, in its opinion, the decision of the Soviet regional court from October, 3rd about removal of its nominee from a pre-election distance. On October, 8th in the Eagle will pass by-election in city parliament, in which ambassador of March elections from 32 deputy places six remained vacant. G - n Zagajnov named the judgement mockery at the law and common sense . For removal of the candidate from by-election the court has considered as the basis, in particular, errors in one of registration documents: as the birthplace of the candidate instead of Krasnoyarsk Krasnodar is specified, and also are mixed by places of two next figures in passport number. Other basis was charge g - on Zagajnova from the candidate - Irina Samoshchenkovoj`s United Russia party member in kindling of social hatred and enmity between optimists and pessimists and between more financially secure and less provided . On the conclusion of the expert - konfliktologa, of signs of kindling social break a set article of candidate Zagajnova with sharp statements in " address contains; the high-ranking bribe takers and thieves . Vladimir Zagajnov became a victim of an intrigue of by-election. Governor Egor Stroev can influence mayor Alexander Kasyanov oppositional to the regional authorities, blocking its key decisions through fraction of United Russia party members in the City Council if they during by-election receive three mandates and can independently provide quorum. Now United Russia party members have only 23 mandates, other nine - at opposition (eight communists and one rodinets) which is loyal to the mayor. Regnum, Andrey Sokrustov

the Commercial real estate London will construct shopping centre in OrleKak it became known , the British investment company London and Regional Properties (L &RP) invests in commercial real estate of Russia about $1 billion L &RP has entered in the near future the Russian market in March, 2006, declaring plans to enclose in a segment of commercial real estate of $300 million, and has already signed the contract with the Swedish developer Centrum Group on building of five - seven objects. The first of them the area of 40 thousand in sq. m is under construction in Kaluga. Now, as operating director L &RP under investments into Russia David Dzhovanis has told, the volume of investments into the Russian Federation is increased to $1 billion Besides, the company plans to build shopping centres in Bryansk, the Eagle and Ryazan. In total from in addition allocated for expansion to Russia of $650 million about third the rest will be spent in Moscow, - in regions. Anton Pavlov