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Talibs have declared the protest to Pakistan act of terrorism

Yesterday the Pakistan special services have developed scale searches of the Islamic extremists involved in act of terrorism in the city of Dargai. The explosion which has been carried out on Wednesday by the suicide bomber, has led to death of 42 Pakistan military men, 20 more soldiers have got to hospital with severe wounds. Most likely, powerful attack began the answer to attempts of Perveza Musharrafa to make active struggle against movement the Taliban .
the Pakistan special services and policemen yesterday all the day combed the district adjoining to the city of Dargai in 100 km to the north from Peshvara. The day before on military base in Dargai there was an act of terrorism largest in this year in Pakistan.

on Wednesday morning the group of soldiers dargajskogo garrison was engaged in front exercises on a platform before military base. Unexpectedly near to a platform there was a man who has suddenly rushed to a thick of soldiers. Powerful explosion was distributed. As have found out arrived soon to the place of act of terrorism vzryvotehniki, the suicide bomber was all is tied by an explosive. 42 soldiers have died on the spot, 20 more person have been delivered in military hospital in a grave condition. Not numerous remains of the condemned man which managed to be collected to inspectors, have been sent in laboratory on DNA analysis.

in the same evening in edition pushtujazychnogo TV channel Hiber - TV, based in Peshvare, the unknown person has called. It was presented by the head of grouping the Pakistan Talibs by name of Abu Kalim Mohammad Ansari also took responsibility for act of terrorism. As has declared then the minister of the information of Pakistan Muhammad Ali Durrani, neither grouping, nor its leader till now did not come into the view of special services. According to mister Ansari, one of pushtunov from Severo - the Western boundary province of Pakistan was the condemned man. Before fulfilment of act of terrorism he has written down the message which should be soon widespread on channels of Islamites on a video film.

at last the leader the Pakistan Talibs has told that act of terrorism in Dargai became the answer to operation of the Pakistan armies on October, 30th in breeding area of Badzhaur. Then at rocket bombardment medrese were lost more than 80 persons. Official Islamabad has declared that all victims were insurgents, and destroyed by bombing medrese - the centre of preparation of radical Islamites. Saying goodbye, mister Ansari has warned the Pakistan authorities and personally president Perveza Musharrafa against struggle against movement the Taliban then has hanged up.

the air raid in Badzhaure was one of recent splashes in activity of the Pakistan authorities in business of struggle against movement the Taliban and all extremist underground. Before Islamabad, according to the West, did not differ special eagerness in struggle against Talibs, and, according to the British Minister of Defence, the Pakistan special service ISI even secretly supported protalib forces in the next Afghanistan. General Musharraf usually answered it that is supposedly possible, any otstavniki special services really co-operate with Talibs, but regular officers do not sin with it.

in the beginning of October at Perveza Musharrafa the commander of NATO armies has visited Afghanistan the British general David Richards. Conversation of two generals has turned out extremely rigid. David Richards in the categorical form has demanded from president Musharrafa to make active struggle against Islamites on severo - the West of Pakistan. Otherwise it has threatened Islamabad with serious deterioration of relations with the West. Pervez Musharraf has unwillingly agreed and has promised shortly seriously to be engaged in Talibs.

as have shown events in Dargai, the Taliban Has decided to answer with force activization of the authorities to set Perveza Musharrafa thinking strong, whether it is necessary to it to enrol in consecutive fighters with an Islamic underground.