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  the Marketing policy Light industry poluchitedinyj a brand Yesterday participants of the first strategic session of heads of the enterprises of light industry of the Nizhniy Novgorod region have made the decision about   to working out of a uniform brand for the production. The noncommercial partnership « will be engaged in working out; the Nizhniy Novgorod association textile and   light industry » with support of the regional ministry of the industry and   innovations. On   to opinion of participants of session, occurrence of a uniform brand will promote development of intraregional industrial cooperation, increase of competitiveness and   volumes of output of the enterprises of light industry of region. Now in   the Nizhniy Novgorod region works more than 60   large and   the average enterprises of light industry.
Lyudmila Aristov

  Car industry Group GAS prigljadyvaetsjak   Argentina rynkugruppa GAS considers the invitation of the authorities of Argentina to participate in   competitions on   delivery building - the road technics in   a province Mendoza. Tenders are planned on   2007   year. As has informed yesterday a press - group service, interest in   production of group GAS the Argentina officials and   representatives of business circles have expressed in   the beginning of November 2006   year in   an exhibition course « Transport - 2006 » passing in   to capital of Argentina Buenos - Ajrese. In   frameworks of an exhibition representatives Gaza met with   the minister of the industry of Argentina Hulio Migelja de   Vido, with   the mayor the Dignity - Raphael of a province Mendoza Omarom Chaffi Felix and   the adviser of the governor of a province Patagonia the Lobster of Karrizo. The particular interest of the Argentina party was caused by the Russian autograders and   dredges. On   to words of the minister of the industry, after a serious economic crisis Argentina feels the big requirement in   park updating building - the road technics, and   also in   lorries and   buses. In   a course of negotiations possibility on   also was discussed; to opening in   to Argentina of branch of the trading house « StrojDorMash » groups GAS and   the organisations in   to this country of assembly manufacture of the Russian building road technics.
Ivan Sergeev

  electric power industry Reform Actions TGK - 6   begin torgovatsjav   kotirovalnyh spiskahvchera it became known, Open Society actions « the Territorial generating company №   6 » ( TGK - 6 ) will start to bargain in   structure of the securities included in   kotirovalnyj the list « » Joint-Stock Company « the Moscow interbank currency stock exchange » (Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange), 24   November 2006   year. Experts TGK - 6   have finished preparation of the documents necessary for inclusion of actions of the power company in   kotirovalnyj the list « » the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange in   the end of October 2006   year, and   yesterday the stock exchange board of directors has approved occurrence of shares of company in   list sector. As have informed in   TGK - 6 , the company already meets the formal requirements of a trading platform necessary for an exit of papers of the company in   kotirovalnye lists. In   particulars, current level of market capitalisation of the company has exceeded necessary level in   1,5   mlrd rbl., and   Monthly volume of the auctions by securities   — 1,5   million rbl. Ordinary actions TGK - 6   are admitted to   to system of the auctions of the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange with   12   July 2006   year, with   17   July   — to   to system of the auctions of Open Society « Stock exchange “ the Russian trading system ” » (RTS Open Society), and   with   20   July 2006   year   — on   the classical market of noncommercial partnership « Stock exchange “ the Russian trading system ” » (NP   RTS). On   all platforms of the action TGK - 6   while bargain in   structure of extralist securities. Documents on   inclusion of actions in   structure of list securities of stock exchange « the Russian trading system » (RTS) TGK - 6   Plans to submit more close to   to the end of the year in   communications with   association of trading platforms of RTS.
Maria Kuznetsova

  the Nizhniy Novgorod government increases the Finance budgetary rashodypravitelstvo the Nizhniy Novgorod region suggests to increase profitable and   account parts of the regional budget on   2006   year on   1   mlrd 236,8   million rbl. About   it yesterday on   session of committee of Legislative Assembly of the Nizhniy Novgorod region on   to the budget and   taxes were informed by the assistant to the governor of region on   socially - to economic planning, budgetary relations and   to the investment policy Vladimir Ivanov. On   to its words, the budgeted deficit remains on   former level   — 772, 2   million rbl. Increase in a profitable part of the budget will occur for   The account of receipt of tax payments in   to the sum 1   mlrd 68,3   million rbl., and   also for   the account of receipts from   budgets of other levels in   to the sum 168,5   million rbl. budget Expenses will be increased for   the account of that 300   million rbl. it will be directed on   increase of a salary to state employees of the first category on   11 %   with   on October, 1st 2006   year, 208,2   million rbl. will go on   needs of local governments, 92,5   million rbl.   — on   increase of insurance payments of the idle population and   salary increase to medical workers, 85,7   million roubles   — on   increase of the salary by the state employee with   1   November.
NIA « Nizhni Novgorod »

  Pishcheprom the Nizhniy Novgorod region increases purchases mjasav the Nizhniy Novgorod region for   nine months 2006   year it is imported 46,2   thousand tons of import beef and   42,2   thousand tons of import pork. About   it the chairman of committee of the state veterinary supervision of region, the main state veterinary inspector Evgenie Kolobov on   yesterday has informed; meeting on   to results of quality checks imported and   made production on   area territories. On   to words g - on Kolobova, for   this   the period in   the Nizhniy Novgorod region it is imported 34,9   thousand tons of beef of a domestic production and   domestic pork   — 25   thousand tons. Obviously, increase in import of meat in   the Nizhniy Novgorod region it is connected with   That the agricultural enterprises of region for   nine months 2006   year have lowered volume of output on   4,8 % on   to comparison with   the similar period of last year to   23   mlrd 553   million rbl.
« IF - region »; Ivan Sergeev

  the Statistican Processing manufactures have counted up pribylvchera the ministry of the industry and   innovations of the Nizhniy Novgorod region has summed up work of processing manufactures of region in   January - October 2006   year. For   10   months of this year of the enterprise of processing manufactures of region have shipped own production on   344   mlrd rbl. that in   established prices on   25,6 % more than the similar period 2005   year. On   To volume of shipped production the Nizhniy Novgorod region has won first place among regions of Privolzhsky federal district. The manufacture index has made 109,6 %. The basic share in   volume of shipment of processing manufactures make vehicles and   different kinds of the equipment   — 27,3 %. In   manufacture of oil products the volume of shipped production has increased on   22,8 % on   to the relation to   to January - to October 2005   year and   has made 84,6   mlrd rbl. (26,3 % of the general shipment on   to processing). In   metallurgical manufacture and   manufacture of ready metal products it is shipped the goods, it is executed works and   services on   the sum 61,4   mlrd rbl. (19,1 % of volume of shipment of processing). On   to comparison with   January - October 2005   year the volume of shipped production has increased on   55,6 %. Tax revenues on   to the enterprises of processing manufactures of area have made 19,6   mlrd rbl. that makes nearby 35 — 40 % of all receipts on   to area economy.
Vladimir Zubarev