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« the Water drain smokes »

Yesterday according to requirements of the federal legislation and   the city charter the Duma of Nizhni Novgorod has carried out public hearings of the project of the municipal budget on   2007   year. As the public traditionally ignores similar annual actions, it   a role the most active deputies and   have played; the officials who have argued, it is necessary   whether to a city a cable car. With   details   — JULIA SUHONINA. Despite   that,   as   the mayor of Nizhni Novgorod Vadim Bulavinov, and   the director of department of the finance Svetlana Utrosina actively invited the public on   public hearings on   to the city budget on   2007   year, citizens remained are indifferent. The boardroom was filled with municipal employees and   the most obstinate deputies of a municipal duma.
Hearings were opened by madam Utrosina who has sounded key parametres of the city budget on   2007   year: expenses will make 11,2   mlrd rub, and   incomes   — 10,8   mlrd rbl. On   it   to words, in   the next year the mayoralty of Nizhni Novgorod not   plans to involve credits of commercial banks and   to place municipal loans for repayment of a budgeted deficit of a city. « the budgeted deficit will be small and   makes 350   millions roubles »   — has informed the director of department of the finance. Svetlana Utrosina also has noticed what to reach similar indicators was uneasy, but   « the budget on   2007   year   — it any more   latanie holes, and   a serious step forward ». Questions to   it not   was. Present in   To hall preferred to ask the questions vitse - to mayor Sergey Gladyshev sitting in   to a hall. Deputies and   heads of areas simply on   turns sat down to   to it for   consultation. In   a result the generated circle started so to rustle and   to gesticulate that the speaker gordumy Ivan Karnilin did by it   remarks.
but performance of the director of city department of economy, planning, the industry and   Alexey Janchenko`s businesses about   the project adresno - the investment program on   the next year was caused by deputy bewilderment: people`s choices obviously not   have seen in   the document of the list of all desirable objects. Mister Janchenko here   admitted that understands a pain gathered, however to help nothing   can. The deputy gordumy and   and. An island of leader NRO of party « Fair Russia » Vyacheslav Rasterjaev has taken an interest, why in   a city so few foot bridges and   when expansion proezzhej parts on   will begin; some city highways. It have assured that a question, « certainly, important » but   « here hearings on   to the budget, and   not   on   to road building ». Then mister Rasterjaev has left action.
deputies - communists Vladimir Pachenov and   Alexander Perov have called into question necessity of building of the Kremlin cable car (building of the lift with   the Unity areas in   Nizhniy Novgorod kreml it is planned on   2007   year.   — « ») . « What for to spend on   it 60   millions roubles? It is impractical. Perhaps better kindergarten we will construct? »   — mister Pachenov has assumed. Alexey Janchenko repeated about   attraction of tourists to which the cable car is very necessary. The communist insisted: « It that at   us, a roundabout that   whether will be? Has sat down at the foot of a hill, tears on   a grief. Let`s make it to   river station so all it will be better ». At last to   discussions United Russia party member Alexey Gojhman who has suggested authors of idea of building of a cable car to bring in   has joined; Gordeevsky microdistrict, where from - for malfunctions of the storm water drain « it is impossible even to pass ».
Mayor Vadim Bulavinov, more than hour sitting silently, not   has born. « yes,   a theme about a cable car beautiful and   cheerful, but   After all the water drain is necessary to us only! Let`s stop be engaged in facades and   not   we will contain the area of Minina, and   we will put on   it shopping centre! »   — the mayor was indignant. Mister Bulavinov has reminded deputies that the authorities build three years a tourist route on   to a city, and   it   demands logic end in   a lift kind. « it is necessary to make so that our city differed from   the others, it was remembered »   — the mayor confirmed. The mayor has declared to mister Gojhmanu disturbed by the idle storm water drain that, for example, in   the seventh microdistrict of Sormovsky area « livnevki in general never   was ». « Yes,   in this situation the water drain smokes »   — deputies laughed.
After the rebuff Vadim Bulavinov has informed that leaves hearings as is late on   fraction session « an United Russia » in   Legislative Assembly of the Nizhniy Novgorod region. « I   intend to defend allocation 300   million roubles on   repair of social objects »   — he has told.   with   places good luck wishes were heard. « I   even has received the letter from   the governor, in   which it   agrees on   conditions sofinansirovanija 50   on   50 »   — the mayor has added. « then not   go »   — was heard in   to a hall, and   gathered again have laughed.
recommendations of participants of hearings (as a rule, offers of deputies about   financing of concrete objects on   Their territories   election districts) it has been decided to issue to   to the next session of a municipal duma.