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The banker have killed on building

On Tuesday in the late evening in Moscow have shot the vice-president of board and souchreditelja Spetssetstrojbanka Konstantin Meshcherjakova. Colleagues of the victim do not doubt that this custom-made murder is connected with professional work of mister Meshcherjakova.
33 - the summer banker have shot on November, 21st about 22 hours. As has found out a consequence, souchreditel Spetssetstrojbanka, having arrived from work, has put the car in garage then has on foot gone to the house on Sushchevsky to a shaft. The distance from garage to an entrance where there lives Konstantin Meshcherjakov, metres 300, but thus road passes by the under construction house. Bypassing a building fence, the banker left in a court yard five-storey apartment blocks #15/ 2 along the street New Sushchevsky where it was waited also by the killer armed with a pistol. The criminal has shot at a back, a neck and a head of the banker then has disappeared. Contrary to the developed practice the criminal has not thrown the weapon. The field investigators caused to the place of murder, have found out three sleeves and a bullet of calibre of 9 mm. Proceeding from it they have decided that the criminal, most likely, used a pistol of Makarova.

Office of Public Prosecutor Severo - East district of capital brings criminal case under article Murder . While at us is not present any zatsepok in crime investigation - field investigators speak. Witnesses heard shots which at first have accepted for explosions of petards, but anybody from them did not see the criminal and consequently till now there is it even no approximate description. The scene of crime and from video observation chambers is not looked through, therefore the killer has disappeared not noticed. Have not helped while to field investigators and the first interrogations. As militiamen, " speak; proceeding from conversations with colleagues killed in bank decent and absolutely not disputed people " work only;.

However it is known that a year later after creation the bank has appeared in sight of law enforcement bodies. In June, 1995 FSNP has filed criminal charges against preboard Spetssetstrojbanka of Vladimir Strukova of that time upon non-payment of taxes to the sum 2,55 mlrd rbl. FSPN has established that the bank did not pay taxes from the means arriving in an authorised capital stock which in March, 1995 has been increased to 10 mlrd rbl. Representatives of bank have addressed in arbitration court of Moscow with the complaint to actions of employees of tax police and in October, 1996 have carried case. The court has decided that the law About banks and bank activity does not establish term during which it is necessary to pay taxes from the means arriving in an authorised capital stock.

Open Company Commercial bank ` Spetssetstrojbank ` it is registered on September, 1st, 1994 with an authorised capital stock in 300 million not denominated roubles. Among clients of bank - Open Company Inkom - real estate Open Company Inkom - the Harmony Open Company the Alto - a Telecom Joint-Stock Company Group of the enterprises OST . A bank Authorized capital stock - 100,36 million rbl. By data for January, 1st, 2006, actives have made 1,24 mlrd rbl., passives - 1,12 mlrd rbl., profit for 2005 - 17,21 million rbl.

the President of Association of Russian banks Garegin Tosunjan has connected yesterday Konstantin Meshcherjakova`s murder with its professional work. However the consequence does not consider this version the basic. As it was found out, the lost banker had the branched out network of the companies: it was the general director of Open Company Vinsentstroj which 19,74 % of actions of bank where he worked own, and held a similar post in Open Company Vincent 2000 which has founded Vinsentstroj . Also mister Meshcherjakov with the brother Maxim has founded and supervised over Joint-Stock Company Professional advisers Open Company Vlakomi Open Company Molsi Open Company the Autodoctor and Open Company Court - these companies were engaged in trade in products, and also repair and service of cars. Now the consequence checks versions about the possible conflicts connected with personal business of the banker.