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the Romantic comedy with Tom Cruise in a role of the hero - pravdoiskatelja Tom Cruise. Sentimental sports agent Dzherri Maguajer falls a victim of own humanity and decency. Without wishing to be reconciled more with laws of ruthless corporation, he urges to reflect not on the ten-character fees received from prizes of sportsmen, and about their health and a state of mind. It is obvious that after such statements it dismiss.


As water for chocolate 0. 50

Director A.Arau. In roles: M.Leonardi, L.Kavazos (Mexico, 1992)

the Melodrama about two unseparable human passions - sex and meal. Accordingly, everything that on a table, will look very erotic, and everything that in bed, - is very tasty. Ten Gold Ariels and a nomination on the Gold globe .


Last tango in Paris 23. 55

the Director B.Bertolucci. In roles: M.Brando, M.Schneider (France - Italy, 1972)

the Drama of great Italian Bernardo Bertolucci has shaken spectators 1970 - h. Two happened people, it and it, knowing nothing about each other, indulge in furious passion in casual apartment. At each of them the life and the tragedy in which they do not intend to devote each other. Attempt comes to an end to open death.


Father Gorio 23. 55

Director ZH - D.Vereg. In roles: S.Aznavur, M.Zidi, N.Barenten (France, 2004)

the Screen version of a novel of the same name of Balzac about the mysterious lodger of board the House of Boke and its fatherly secret. In a role of unfortunate Gorio - the French chansonnier of the Armenian origin with the most sad on light eyes Charles Aznavur.

NTV Plus

the Shaitan 23. 00

Director K.Shapiron. In roles V.Kassel, O.Bartelemi, R.Meskida, M.Bellucci (France, 2006)

In birthday of an idol of Frenchmen of Vensana of Kassel. In the Shaitan it - zveropodobnyj the monster frightening the company of teenagers, and his wife Monika Bellucci - the vampire.