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Tango without prejudices

In the Moscow Theatre of light opera there have passed three-day tours of the Argentina company Tango Seduccion which has shown the program with the same name a tango Temptation . TATYANA - KUZNETSOVA has not given in to a temptation.
Gustavo Russo, head and the head of the company, not simply divides Horhe Borches`s well-known thesis: tango Roots in a brothel . He is, seemingly, confident, as its crone in the same place. The author invests the historical research with the entertaining form of subject performance. At the time of, not spoilt MTV, was considered that the tango differs the raised sexuality. Therefore mister Russo places action in corresponding places. Lush. In the first certificate it is the port tavern drawn on a back and arranged with the present furniture with theatrical naivety of a century before last. In the second branch the choreographer resorts to conventions of modern theatre: Room of the prostitute in sex - quarter represents a lonely chair, and a dangerous small street - infernalnoe illumination.

mister Russo investigates sources of a tango with nostalgic humour - it is similar to predilection for pornographic cards of centenary prescription. Of scarcity of imagination of the choreographer to accuse difficultly: a series of comic sketches he witty explains occurrence most emblematichnyh tangovyh movements and techniques. We will tell, dance of the dead drunk gentleman continually falling and dropping the lady, tells, how steams have learnt to keep balance in the most risky positions and combinations. Dance of the joker showing a rare ingenuity in desire to crush a foot to the partner, visually explains, these sudden changes of directions, lightning attacks of feet whence undertook. The man with an artificial limb is compelled to subsist obvodkami - the maiden, small touching legs, flickers round an axis of its not bent foot. And all these crossed shins, sharp attacks, the insinuating eights - ocho poglazhivanie calves of thighs, zabrasyvanie partners on chresla - not that other, as erotic predygra clients with the whores, limited to the bottom half of body only from - that hands are occupied. The brothel of a XIX-th century In a word, thought up by mister Russo has appeared real school of life both in informative, and in choreographic sense.

and here the choreographer has concerned the present with excessive straightforwardness. Erotic games of our days at it are deprived any virtuosity: refined foot caresses of the past were replaced by twine, the big battements, any somersaults with a shoulder, small fishes of transfers - that word, than can brag and our ballet. Poor Argentina tangeras, not brought on acrobatic trick, in the modernised tango felt uncomfortably: backs did not bend, feet did not rush, attitjudy did not rise. It is no wonder that the modern history has appeared not populous - for all ladies it was necessary to be answerable to the broad-shouldered blonde with a magnificent natural breast and an artificial chignon.

in black linen from sex - a shop it represented the whore sincerely enamoured of the client, - their duet on a chair differed from simple imitation of sexual intercourse only presence of poses at which it is difficult to take pleasure. Probably, therefore the client, hardly having left a test chair, it was switched to the first counter - the pure naive girl (to what testified white brjuchnyj a suit of the elderly soloist), idillicheski dancing with the guy. Mister Russo (a role razluchnika the choreographer allocated with grace and doubtless " executed; negative charm) one sight vljubljaet in itself the heroine, but during a chaste kiss they are overtaken by the vicious stinker. After pair murders that begins a temptation Tango Which has entitled all representation.

the fatal blonde in a man`s jacket, stringah and a transparent loincloth long on - to everyone clasps favourite by feet, but achieves response, only having removed a brassiere. It is a representation important point. Women topless and even at all naked not news at modern theatre, but undress they usually for ideological reasons. From it their nakedness gets any militant character, and the figures tormented with training, do not cause a particular interest. There and then essentially other: the actress opens the convincing breast first to the partner and only then, ostensibly casually, - to spectators. Exact calculation that when the tempted hero starts actions - to supports, on its place thirsts to appear hardly not half of auditorium.

as any artist, mister Russo was not kept from generalisations - to concrete temptation it has hung up, so to say, the metaphysical: Has let out on a scene of three women in transparent black overalls and on cantata music a snow-storm Carmine has forced them to do certain magic passy, paternal men that got to them on chairs rolled down from temptresses where far away. Speculativeness of this passage so rasholodila public that has corrected business only bisovka made of fragments of dances of an ancient brothel where both with whores and from a tango business was much better.

Gustavo Russo, the good dancer and the real expert of the business, navertel all it is not simple from - for absence of taste and sense of proportion. It seems that a survival and the further scenic development of the main national dance - a problem number one at modern Argentina tangeros. Numerous troupes and their heads delivering the product on the world market, obviously are afraid of satiation of public a traditional tango that is why cross it to other popular kinds of dance (in Lyons an observer has found out even a hybrid of a tango with hip - hopom). To the Moscow representation mister Russo assured Of the summary that develops a tango by means of classical and modern dance. Probably, because fairly to name a source of inspiration a brothel Borches has dared only.