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The krestovyj approach

In the Russian hire leaves Pavel Lungina`s film Island . Former works of this director mobilised supporters and opponents more on the rational reasons, the new picture splits public into those who trusts, and those who does not trust in regeneration miracles. After all Island - about the eremite - the healer, about a monastery, about a repentance and exile of demons. To watch film as cinema, instead of the religious treatise is offered nevertheless by ANDREY - PLAHOV.
Then there will be no question: that it suddenly Pavel Lungin, the known liberal, the author of the saga about oligarchs, was started up in orthodox God-seeking and what he there has forgotten, and can be, it is cunning such - to pretend to be spiritually anxious? But, on the one hand, the person can change, and this any enlightenment, inspiration, flash, and simply normal process of life is not so obligatory: time changes, we change. On the other hand, Lunginu - to the director of only 16 years, and many have changed in this time much more, and its career if to remove from it a touch of myths, more likely even differs sequence.

in 1990 - m a film of the debutant the Taxi - a blues has won a prize in Kanne for direction and became last card of reorganisation. The success has opened to Pavel Lunginu road to the French film industry though, we will notice, all it local films are removed on the Russian material and in Russian, and that were planned in other languages, have not been removed: he felt on these projects nekomfortno. And recently the director with image entered in the French establishment the Parisian is guided by the Russian producers and audience more and more. In effect, the similar way was done by Andrey Konchalovsky. In it there is a law: Unlike Poles, Czechs and Chineses, our compatriots - cinematographers, even most cosmopolitan of them, appear are adhered to Russia by deeper roots, than him first it seems.

the Taxi - a blues there was sign product for the perishing USSR, under a new name Russia entering into the world of other, western culture. It was very Russian and very western simultaneously as the reorganisation Moscow removed in it drifted towards world capitals, towards New York or Paris. One of two protagonists the Taxi - a blues the actor, fate - the executor and one of the main characters of a musical and art scene 90 - h Peter Mamonov has played.

Since then Peter Mamonov all appears on a scene less often, having left show - business, it has come to religion. Probably, any returning in the left trade painfully for it, the pain of the actor surprisingly corresponding to a pain of its character is so obvious in this film. He plays the monk zashtatnogo the Soviet monastery carrying in horror of the murderer. Its hero during war has betrayed and has killed the person and now washes away guilt violent just life in a monastery. During which he asks every day about a pardon that God, the victim.

island is and a monastery in itself, the refuge torn off from the world. But a monastery in which, besides the present island the hero lives in the freezing White sea. There does not go neither a train, nor the ship though the big dry-cargo ships float in the distance with lingering hooters. Here it is possible to get only by a boat together with monks who bring here the despaired people who ask about the help of father Anatoly, unfortunate character Peter Mamonova. He lives not in harmony with itself(himself) and not in a harmony with other monks, too terrestrial, too Soviet which bear with itself spirit of wordly vanity and intrigues. The eremite father Anatoly that laughs at them for them is sorry and exaggerates the madness which ostensibly gives it miracle salutary force. People trust in its sanctity and accept its miracles, each of which is connected for them with heavy moral test. Its last miracle when God causes him on a confrontation with its past is connected with the same test also - and gives a pardon.

colleagues the hero, the tender abbot of father Philaret and harmful the supply manager father Iova, play Victor Sukhorukov and Dmitry Djuzhev - actors strong, cult, but surprisingly wordly near to Peter Mamonovym in what it is possible to see even human accuracy of a director`s choice. The scenario is written by young playwright Dmitry Sobolevym. And it is besides clear that has involved here Pavel Lungina without dependence from demand for a theme: it is paradoxical history - where - that improbable, where - that concisely registered, at times on the verge of a foul and a kitsch, but penetrated by nervous energy and game elements, after all the foolish too some kind of the actor. So island - the same the Taxi - a blues a minus of illusion of reorganisation plus religion and a prayer, life of the sacred robber as a metaphor of new time. Only that boundless world ocean of boiling fashionable capitals, music of world spheres to which heroes " listened; the Taxi - a blues it was replaced small Island surrounded from different directions ice water on which the one and only person can deserve to itself the right to rescue, more precisely, to death without fear and vanity.