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Books for a week

Yesterday became Boris Akunina`s present benefit performance. On sale there was its new collection of stories and stories Nefritovye beads . And about the Internet - auction has just left a ring of Porfirija Petrovicha an artefact from its previous project F. M . Besides all these events wonderfully have coincided on time with literary award ceremony the Big book . The award intended to give powerful money for powerful books. And Boris Akunin as - that so has unostentatiously shown, who here the big book and where the present money. All money obtained from sale of a ring, it has given in RFP ID . And it 700 - page Nefritovye beads at once left in record circulation of 500 thousand copies.
last time we met Erastom Petrovichem Fandorinym when it applied the deductive method in struggle against Japanese criminality. About it there was a novel the Diamond chariot and a short story Sigumo which has removed in Nefritovye beads from Kladbishchensky stories . All other texts here the new. Their geography has considerably extended: action of stories and stories is transferred from Moscow to Siberia, from England to America. And even - in Rio - de - Zhanejro. Certainly, on special position Moscow - with its picturesque gangster life, double-faced aristocrats and other plutocrats: in general that Russia which as it appears, it is not too a pity to lose.

and what notable at these texts postmodernist a lining words not to describe. I advise at once to pay attention on dedication to ten classics of a detective genre. Edgara Allan Po, George Simenona, Agatha Christie`s names are built in not casual sequence - everyone corresponds to Boris Akunina`s certain text. For example, Skarpeja Baskakovyh is... a dog of Baskervilej and - lja rjus. And Nefritovye beads - ours Chinese greetings to Robert Van Guliku. Certainly, all not so is elementary: hints and citations skip under the collection as if fleas, and Sherlock Holmes with the Watson can appear in the most unexpected short story.

It seems, if Japanese have thought up such surprising computer into which it would be possible to push all Russian history, the world literature, all atlas of the world and to fill all it is grey-haired visochkami mister Fandorina, all the same it would not turn out is better. Boris Akunin as if Harry Kasparov, has won the computer. He became the person - a Pentium . In general - that the writer built for a long time already the virtual empire . Not casually it has attended to to give to detective Fandorinu some lives, - the character - that a bit cardboard, and a family tree as at live: both ancestors are, and descendants - and all perfectly jump under akuninskuju a detective pipe. But the new collection has given to this virtual district new dimensions.

and here you turn last page of the book, and there a surprise! It is the present definition of a genre Nefritovyh beads . In black and white is a computer game . We will click a mouse, we will come into the Internet - and we will receive the exhaustive review: the Mezhduzhanrovyj detective, an intellectual action, on a three-dimensional cursor. The typical consumer of the given product - from 15 till 45 years, a floor - any, intelligence - average and above, a prosperity - average and above . Though speech here goes about the real computer game Nefritovye beads which will appear on sale in the spring, it is impossible to disagree, what exactly this image as is impossible approaches also to the most literary to a product . However, the reader always has possibility most to humanise literary a software .

And here where is fighting heart this computer game. Not casually ancient Chinese beads help main akuninskomu to the hero. With their help Fandorin forces to work the small grey sections . Besides an action the project possesses also educational function: here, of course, the mister Akunin vygodnejshim differs in the image from our quasinational, sermjazhnogo a fantasy. And in this sense the key text of the collection, undoubtedly, is the story Before a doomsday . In this modest, but charming interpretation a rose Name The author has managed to touch again with Umberto Eko the main nerve of the Russian history. This time Fandorin has gone far on the north to track a course of population census of 1897 (that in which Anton Chekhov, by the way, participated). Noble Erast should stop dissenters whom, having been frightened devilish censuses, began the whole families to dig in themselves alive. That is in the manner of William Baskervilsky to show advantage of deduction before century prejudices. Here to the hero is with whom podiskutirovat: immemorial dispute is conducted by reactionaries and progressisty. Nearby appear light and darkness sacred texts and secular newspapers, the fox fur coats and the camera Kodak . The local intellectual from the people Lev Sokratovich Kryzhov with might and main convicting " is especially picturesque; stagnancy, superstition and stupid rustic obstinacy . You read and think: if only Akunin has not made it the revolutionary the murderer.

Boris Akunin. Nefritovye beads. M: Zaharov, 2006