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Nepal was wrung out

Yesterday has been declared in Nepal by a holiday. The government and maoistskie insurgents have concluded the contract which should put an end to long-term civil war. Now maoistam, received almost third of places in parliament, the hard problem is necessary: to turn from terrorist grouping to political party and to get on with liberals in the coalition government. In many respects prospects of peace life in Nepal depend on, whether companion Prachanda and its supporters with this problem will consult.
to all travellers who have appeared yesterday in Nepal, has largely carried: such holiday in this high-mountainous country still nobody saw. In the morning on streets of cities and villages there were crowds of people in celebratory clothes with colours in hands. News that the government and maoisty have signed in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday the peace treaty became an occasion to national triumph, in honour of it yesterday has been declared by the day off.

the Contract has been signed in Katmandu 85 - summer prime minister Giridzhej Prasadom Kojraloj and 52 - the summer leader Nepalese maoistov by Prachandoj. This document means the end of the ten years` war which have carried away lives of 13 thousand of persons. Now we together will be engaged in peace building in our country - has declared smiling broadly Prachanda. We have finished a policy of murders, violence and terror - prime minister Kojrala echoed it. On agreement conditions maoisty will receive 73 mandates in 330 - local parliament and become the party second for number after the Nepalese national congress led by the prime minister who has 85 places. Maoisty also will enter into provisional government, having received about third of portfolios.

disarmament of formations maoistov, numbering 20 thousand fighters became the main point of the contract. Already yesterday insurgents have started to arrive in specially created camp. There they will hand over the weapon in special storehouses which will be sealed up by UN observers. However, commanders maoistov will receive on hands keys from warehouses. The governmental armies also were obliged not to leave limits of barracks. Further maoistskie formations will be a part of regular army, however this process will begin not earlier than the next year.

most likely, still long time Nepal will be divided into influence zones maoistov and liberals. Nevertheless the peace treaty opens a way for a stability establishment that again will lift Nepalese tourism - a national economy basis. Prior to the beginning of civil war to the country came more than 500 thousand tourists, and, for example, last year - twice it is less. Also liberals, and maoisty, last years starving almost As a result will win.

Rapprochement between maoistami and Nepalese liberals has begun in February, 2005. Then king Gjanendra has dismissed the government led by mister Kojraloj. In April of this year of thousand people left on streets Katmandus, demanding to return the government; the police has opened fire on crowd. 20 persons were lost nearby, 9 thousand have been wounded. Then Prachanda has supported liberals, and in the end of a month the opposition has forced the king to restore the government and parliament.

the new government and maoisty have concluded permanent truce and have begun negotiations. Insurgents have caused the disarmament by discharge from the power of the king which is considered a terrestrial embodiment of god Vishnu. In May the law essentially cutting down its powers and transforming it in purely ceremonial figure has been passed. Break at negotiations has occurred on Monday when the special commission recognised Gjanendru guilty of bloody suppression of April excitements. Meanwhile to punish the king as that demand maoisty, it is impossible, however in April, 2007 in Nepal should pass general election. The new parliament will develop the constitution which will decide destinies of a monarchy and Gjanendry.

Then mysterious circumstances of arrival of Gjanendry to the power will be for certain investigated also. In June, 2001 prince Dipendra, suffering a narcotism and alcoholism, has shot at dinner all royal family, including king Birendru, and then was shot. On strange coincidence of circumstances Gjanendra which had strong influence on mentally unbalanced prince, its unique son Paras during a fatal dinner were not present. If the court manages to prove to fault of the king, him for certain execute. And even if the court will refuse to sign the death sentence not to offend feeling of believers induistov, to finish with the king maoistam it is possible. After all will protect it worse, than at an ancient regime, and communication in prisons at companion Prachandy the extensive.

however, before end of business of all life to the former school teacher who has risen in 1970 - e on a way of revolutionary struggle under the influence of ideas Mao Tszeduna, it is necessary to solve many problems. It for certain should constrain the former colleagues, not ready so simply to leave free life of insurgents. From, whether Prachanda and its companions to refuse terrorist methods of struggle can and to become public politicians, world prospects in Nepal depend also.