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The national policy have translated into Russian

- that it is. And a role consolidating at it or uniting, me it is not important. In my opinion, the main thing both in the concept, and in the national policy that they were clear everything, and not just to officials - to developers. It is less naukoobrazija. If it is impossible to state the concept simple words what for it is necessary?
Vladimir Voinovich, the writer:

- in what. What for to invent a bicycle and to think out any national concept? It in general should not be! Legislators consider that they very well know Russian, and actually write delirium. And a trouble that this erundistika can turn to a serious problem of xenophobia.

Mark Garber, the senior partner of company Fleming and Family Partners:

- In wisdom which should be shown in the relation to younger brothers. The dim definitions registered in the concept, speak about absence of understanding of its essence. Developers cannot write all simple, clear language only because badly represent how to realise a task in view, and a set of general phrases this collision can be disguised.

Nafigulla Ashirov, the Supreme mufti of the Asian part of Russia:

- And I do not know, than the role of Russian people is more important, for example, than a role of the Tatar people. In general, the most part of modern Russia settles down on the most ancient historical Tatar earths. But anybody does not speak about special merits of Tatars. And these concepts instead of fastening integrity of citizens of Russia, introduce division. I do not think that to the USA would write about an uniting role the white people.

Leonid Gozman, the vice-president of political council of Union of Right Forces:

- I know, in what a role of Russian, Russian culture, but badly I understand that such a role of the separate people. Russian is Tolstoy, Solzhenitsyn, Sugars, but Russian and britogolovyj the youth with armature. In power periodically there is an illusion: if to create the sonorous text with the unintelligible maintenance, to advertise it the problem will dare. But national ideas and the purposes at first are formed by a society, then become dominating for an active part of the population and only after that can be issued in the text.

Alexander Rar, the director of programs of Russia and the CIS the German council about foreign policy:

- Russian people should help to other people of Russia to find in itself the European. This condition of development of the country in the XXI-st century. But to follow an example Europe which wants to construct a multisociety in which the equal rights for everything, it is not necessary. It is necessary to develop national roots and not to forget about Russian people to which the Weimar complex consisting in fear to be humiliated other people threatens.

Alexander Belov, the leader of Movement against illegal immigration:

- it is not necessary to be afraid to admit that Russian people are the basic gosudarstvennoobrazujushchim the people and the owner of this country. The fear forces to invent inconceivable words of type the radical people . If not Russian people there would be no Russia, and there would be Golden Horde or Ottoman empire. Now and Chechens have the people of the North more than the rights, than Russian. And after all on ours to the account so much historical victories.