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The robbery on - prezidentski

On Tuesday became known that in capital of Argentina Barbara Bush, the daughter of US president George Bush have been plundered. In the presence of secret agents protecting it at Barbara have stolen a handbag with a mobile phone and credit cards.
on Tuesday evening the American TV channel ABC News has informed that at Barbara Bush, the daughter of US president George Bush, on Sunday the handbag where there was a mobile phone and credit cards has been stolen. Incident has occurred in one of the restaurants, located in the Dignity - Telmo, popular area Buenos among tourists - Ajresa where Barbara had supper together with the sister Dzhennoj. As the Argentina newspaper La Nation has written yesterday, criminals have pulled out Barbara`s handbag from - under a table while the agents of special service protecting girls, even have noticed nothing.

the version of representatives of security service a bit different. According to one of them, soglasivshegosja to have a talk with correspondent CNN on the condition of anonymity, Barbaras Bushs was not in immediate proximity from a bag during theft. The security guard has refused to make comments in more details happened, having added that the persons who were under protection, have never dropped out of sight of protection, and there was no risk that it will do harm . The representative of police of Buenos - Ajresa has declared to Associated Press news agency that neither the madam Bush, nor someone from its security guards did not address in police concerning theft. In turn, the White house in Washington has confirmed a theft case but to inform details or as - that to comment on this event has refused. Just the same position was occupied also with the American embassy in Buenos - Ajrese, American gosdep and the secret service of the USA which is engaged in protection of the first persons of the state.

It not the first scandal connected with stay of daughters of the US president in Argentina. As informs ABC News referring to sources in the law enforcement bodies, one of agents of the special service, responsible for protection of girls, has been cruelly beaten by the unknown person with whom it was got involved in fight. Representatives of special service, however, have informed yesterday that incident is regarded only as attempt of a hooligan attack and has occurred, when the agent was not on duty.

Barbara and Dzhenna by whom on Saturday 25 years are executed, have arrived to Argentina on two weeks as tourists. Trip details are kept a secret: it is for certain not known even when sisters Bush have crossed border. The American journalists, however, have already started to ask questions why sisters Bush have gone to trip abroad on the eve of Thanksgiving Day (it mark today) when the American families by tradition gather. Press - the service of first lady Lory Bush to which journalists ABC have asked this question, has refused to answer it.

the white house on event from life of sisters Bush usually does not make comments, but recently in mass-media there were messages that Dzhenna lately lives and works in Panama: it passes training in Unicef. Probably, Barbara during autumn vacation has decided to visit Argentina together with the sister.