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The Irkutsk region have integrated in the first reading

the State Duma has approved yesterday in the first reading the project of the federal constitutional law About formation as a part of the Russian Federation the new subject as a result of association of the Irkutsk region and Ust - Ordynsky Buryat autonomous region . That fact that it already the fourth law on integration of regions, has not prevented some deputies to state doubt in necessity of merge of subjects.
representing the bill, the representative of the president in the State Duma Alexander Kosopkin has reminded deputies that the initiative about association of the Irkutsk region and Ust - Ordynsky Buryat autonomous region (UOBAO) has been supported on the referenda spent in these subjects in April, 2006. He has informed that it already the fourth law on association (earlier deputies have approved formation of three edges - Perm, Krasnoyarsk and Kamchatka), and recommended to chamber to lean at voting on a certain experience :

- Till January, 1st, 2009 all transitive procedures should be finished. In particular, questions of assignment of the Irkutsk region concerning the property, in relations with federal bodies of the state power, other subjects, the foreign states and the international organisations.

the lecturer has informed that the first elections of deputies of Legislative Assembly of the incorporated Irkutsk region should take place on October, 12th, 2008. According to the project, the aggregate number of regional parliament will make 50 persons: 25 from them will be selected under party lists, 21 - on the one-mandatory districts formed in territory of the present Irkutsk region, and 4 more - on multimandatory district which will be created in territory present UOBAO.

Deputies it was offered to them to ask questions, unexpectedly were indignant with the fact of occurrence of the next bill on an association theme. So, Valentine Romanov (Communist Party of the Russian Federation) tried to learn from the representative of the president, how many still it is necessary to accept such documents and what sense in it . Mister Kosopkin has answered that how many it is required, so much and it is necessary, admitted that the plan as on association is not present that .

- And at us in general - that in the Constitution all subjects of the Russian Federation are named, - Victor Kuznetsov (Communist Party of the Russian Federation) has come on the other hand. - Also what will be with the Constitution, eventually? We are engaged in this all business and as though we do not notice that in the Constitution each subject of the Russian Federation has the status and is defined as the subject!

Alexander Kosopkin has concerned a question indulgently, having declared what to worry there is nothing:

- it is valid, it is necessary to change the Constitution, particularly article 65, but it is allowed to us to do it.

Deputy Nikolay Kurjanovicha who expelled recently from LDPR and has received the status of the independent deputy, absolutely another in the meantime excited:

- And whether all those plentiful promises which were said by a never-ending train on the eve of a referendum will be fulfilled? For example, about financing of the nature protection actions, concerning lakes Baikal, and about completion of the distressful bridge through the river Angara?

the representative of the president at first has hastened otkrestitsja from hung was over it of responsibility for the light future of the incorporated Irkutsk region, having declared that it not the unique person who is responsible for execution of arrangements . But then has magnanimously declared:

- We are obliged to execute even that is not registered in the law.

after that doubting the Duma does not remain: at necessary for acceptance of the constitutional law a minimum in 300 voices for the document 428 deputies have unanimously expressed.