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From the United Nations beat out a recognition of tortures in Russia

Yesterday human rights organisations Amnesty International and the Memorial have published reports on tortures of people in Russia and the Chechen Republic. The western legal experts have fixed more than 100 cases of tortures in 11 regions of Russia. And the Memorial has declared 1804 cases of tortures only in the Chechen Republic. By means of the reports legal experts want to achieve rigid recommendations to the government of the Russian Federation from Committee of the United Nations against tortures which will be published on November, 24th. According to the Prokremlin political scientists, defenders of human rights will achieve only the next blow to the image of Russia in the world .
Tortures of people by militia - the fact which cannot be denied - it is told in the report of human rights organisation Amnesty International published yesterday. As it affirms that militiamen beat and intimidate arrested persons, refuse to them the right to the lawyer and medical aid. To placed in temporary detention facilities militiamen apply bludgeons, plastic bottles with water and other adaptations to reception of grateful indications. Amnesty International has fixed more such 100 cases, proisshedshih in 11 regions in 2005: the Rostov, Sverdlovsk and Nizhniy Novgorod areas, the North Ossetia, Kabardino - Balkarii and Bashkiria. we specially have not included the Chechen Republic in the report. There the picture is much worse - the head of Russian representation Amnesty International Sergey Nikitin has declared.

the report on abductions, tortures and murders in the Chechen Republic was published yesterday by a remedial society the Memorial . Prepared together with FIDH (the International federation of human rights) the document has been simultaneously presented yesterday in Moscow and Paris where there is a staff - apartment FIDH. By data the Memorial For last four years in the Chechen Republic with the assistance of federal forces and the divisions submitting to prime minister Ramzanu Kadyrov, 1804 persons are stolen and subjected tortures, 181 from them is killed, 986 were missing.

the Russian power structures do not hide the sceptical relation to these reports. complaints to tortures are, but as soon as they reach the Office of Public Prosecutor, many of them prove to be true nothing - have declared in a press - service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. And the public prosecutor of the Chechen Republic Valery Kuznetsov asserted earlier in conversation with that more often women under investigation complain of tortures counting on indulgence of court .

Legal experts declare that their reports (as well as the report of organisation Human Rights Watch on tortures in the Chechen Republic on which informed on November, 14th) are made to affect Committee of the United Nations against tortures at which session the situation was discussed with human rights in Russia. On Friday on November, 24th the committee should publish the statement for tortures in Russia and recommendations about their eradication. we count that the United Nations will consider our data and will be guided not only an official position of the Russian authorities - the trustee " has declared; the Memorial Alexander Tcherkasov.

Amnesty International and a memorial have offered the Russian authorities similar recommendations. Besides urgent and drastic measures on eradication of tortures they demand comprehensively to co-operate with Committee of the United Nations against tortures and the European Commission of Human Rights (EKPP). And also urgently to organise visit to Russia spetsdokladchika the United Nations on Manfred Novak`s tortures. We will remind that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation in October has not started up it in the country, having considered that independent visiting of the Russian prisons by it contradicts the law. Russia has reduced cooperation with these organisations to a minimum. On session of committee of the United Nations from our country there have gone officials of an average link, and from 13 reports EKPP on human rights one has got to Russia at us in open access only. We want to break this negative tendency - mister Tcherkasov has declared.

legal experts do the part, but I do not think that they are waited by success, - the president of fund ` has declared the Politician ` Vyacheslav Nikonov. - All these reports made including from - for a boundary, will be hardly heard by militia. And if the United Nations committee accepts on November, 24th the negative resolution, it will be the next blow to the image of Russia in the world .