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Actions -13 will give for 12 mlrd roubles

the Russian Open Society UES of Russia intend to force dop - issue of actions of the territorial generating company-13 (-13). According to general director -13 Oleg Salkova, placing of actions of its company will bring more than 12 mlrd rbl. the Most probable buyers of actions name the Siberian coal power company (SUEK) and large industrial consumers of the electric power . Yesterday general director -13 Oleg Salkov has informed that the Russian Open Society United Power Systems is going to force electric power industry reform, and in particular additional issue of actions -13. it is planned that we can already spend dopemissiju in the end of the third quarter of next year (earlier the company was going to make it in 2008. - ) and then to place these actions on the Russian platforms. We have agreed about it in the beginning of week with Anatoly Chubajsom - mister Salkov has told.
Exact parametres dopemissii are not disclosed yet, however it is known that the Russian Open Society United Power Systems (now unique shareholder -13. - ) will leave to itself blocking share holding (25 % +1 action). Also, according to mister Salkova, such plan was approved also by minority shareholders Krasnoyarsk generation (the base company for creation -13) - Norilsk nickel and the Siberian coal power company . Moreover, Oleg Salkov has promised that one of the companies, most likely, will represent itself as the strategic investor that its share in -13 has not been washed away. Who will be concrete it, general director -13 has refused to inform.
in number portfelnyh investors mister Salkovym had been named also the European bank of reconstruction and development (European Reconstruction and Development Bank) with which -13 will carry on negotiations this week. at first it will be extra means which will be covered for the account dopemissii. Theoretically future company can involve 17,5 mlrd rbl. as a result of placing dopemissii - taking into account market price of actions Krasnoyarsk generation and costs of actives of Khakass generation - Oleg Salkov has counted. From placing of actions of power experts of the company expect to receive a minimum 12 mlrd rbl. for such sum have made the investment plan for the next year in which end of building of Krasnoyarsk thermal power station-3, and also new heating mains is provided.
at present -13 operates Open Society the Khakass generating company and Open Society Krasnoyarsk generation . According to the schedule of actions for Russian Open Society United Power Systems formation next year record about the termination of activity of Open Society TGK-13 and Open Society " will be brought; the Khakass generating company as a result of their joining to Open Society Krasnoyarsk generation and Open Society renamings Krasnoyarsk generation in Open Society TGK-13. Open Society Krasnoyarsk generation the Krasnoyarsk thermal power station-1, Krasnoyarsk thermal power station-2, Krasnoyarsk thermal power station-3 (it is not placed in operation), Kansky thermal power station, Minusinsk thermal power station, Sosnovoborsky thermal power station, the Nazarovsky state district power station and " belong; the Krasnoyarsk heating system . The company posesses a block share holding of Krasnoyarsk HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION. The basic shareholders: the Russian Open Society UES of Russia - 51,75 %, Open Society GMK Norilsk nickel - 25,46 %, Open Society SUEK - 12,36 %. About 10 % of actions is at physical persons and company management. minority shareholders Krasnoyarsk generation and Khakass generation decisions on the repayment of actions -13 though have not excluded such possibility have not made yet. So, in the press-service Norilsk nickel have referred to absence of the management, authorised to state a company position in this respect. The assistant to the general director of Open Society SUEK Sergey Mironosetsky considers that dopemissija -13 it is expedient in that case when other possible sources " are settled;. Thus a choice of investment projects under additional issue and preparation for its carrying out is the big and labour-consuming problem demanding time. If we receive the corresponding worked offers from -13 them we will attentively analyze - the mister Mironosetsky has told. In the European Reconstruction and Development Bank yesterday have only confirmed the fact of negotiations with management -13 and have refrained from comments before their termination .
According to analysts of the market, interest to actions -13 will be shown some by the large companies - most likely, SUEK. The matter is that SUEK is the basic supplier of fuel for the companies which will enter in -13, and the large package will strengthen positions SUEK, - analyst Deutsche UFG Dmitry Bulgakov considers. - Who else will be interested by public placing of actions while to tell difficult. It will depend on very many factors: market conditions, progress with liberalisation of the market of the electric power, dynamics of free price on elektroenegiju . The analyst is assured that the rise in prices for the electric power will force many large industrial consumers to search for possibilities on hedging of risk of a rise in prices, it too can lead to demand growth on dopemissiju. If at -13 there will be a block package of Krasnoyarsk HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION this active, probably, will be interesting to Russian aluminium - Dmitry Bulgakov has assumed.
Alexander Konovalov, Krasnoyarsk