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“ Holidej the Classic “ has opened expansion plans

Yesterday Novosibirsk group “ Holidej the Classic “ has published plans for development the next three years. The company intends to invest till 2010$354 million network Shops by this time should start to work across all Siberia. In spite of the fact that a number of experts considers plans “ Holidej the Classic “ unduly optimistical, local manufacturers already worry concerning occurrence in the market of a monopolist. As it is underlined in the widespread investment memorandum of the company, it will enclose in opening of new shops next year $60 million In 2008 this sum will make $130 million, $100 million more is supposed to be invested in business in 2009. As a result by 2010 network floor spaces should reach 225 thousand in sq. m. Earlier the company informed that the Group " intends to reach a turn in 2011 at level $3 billion
; Holidej the Classic “ - The largest ritejler Siberia. Operates networks “ Holidej the Classic “ “ Sibiriada “ and “ the House-keeper “ located in a number of the West Siberian regions. Total number of shops exceeds 60. Following the results of this year the company gain is predicted at $380 million level, net profit - $6 million the Basic owners of the company: group “ Lend “ to which posesses a controlling stock, and investment fund “ Renova the Capital “ (23 %). As the general director of the company Alexey Zaharov has explained yesterday „“, network growth will be carried out not only at the expense of building of new shops, but also by means of absorption of existing networks. The company intends to put money both in purchase and building of shops, and in expansion of own infrastructure. So, by the end of this year the company plans to put into operation a distribution centre in Novosibirsk the area about 10 thousand in sq. m. Means will be enclosed also in opening of several catering establishments, regional offices in Krasnoyarsk, Omsk, Irkutsk and Surgut. Till the end of 2008 the company intends to start distribution centres in Krasnoyarsk, Omsk, Irkutsk and Surgut.
means for development “ Holidej the Classic “ will involve at the expense of increase in a share capital and reinvestirovanija profits. In 2006 own capital will grow to $106 million as a result of increase in an authorised capital stock and real estate revaluation. In 2007 the increase in own capital to $183 million at the expense of authorised capital stock growth is planned.
as a result of regional expansion the group plans to add a network with shops in Krasnoyarsk region, the Kemerovo, Omsk, Irkutsk areas and Khanty-Mansiysk autonomous region. While, however, any definiteness is only with Krasnoyarsk where the company has got the ground area in 2 hectares. novosibirtsy carry on negotiations for association with a local network “ the Commodore “. In Omsk “ Holidej the Classic “ carries on negotiations for the repayment of 26 shops from one of Omsk networks. Though mister Zaharov has refused to name the partner in negotiations, it is known that such quantity of shops in Omsk the network " has only; Economical “. Owners of the company and possibility of association discuss with the companies in Kuzbas. So, Alexey Zaharov has confirmed the fact of negotiations with the largest local network “ the Bark “ naming them “ preliminary consultations “.
Experts on a miscellaneous have concerned the declaration on intentions “ Holideja “. The director for group corporate governance “ Sensation “ (Novosibirsk franchajzi networks “ Pjaterochka “) Alexander Ageev doubts that the network will manage to be increased so quickly. “ even if they will not have any problems with financing, building from zero is always interfaced to weight of risks. Allocation of sites, coordination, to communications and etc., as a rule, occupies connection much more time, than it would be desirable “ - he has noted. Overestimated considers the declared rates of development and an analyst “ finama “ Sergey Filchenkov. Besides administrative barriers to business expansion, in its opinion, competition growth in region can prevent.
nevertheless participants of the market converge in one: even if “ Holidej the Classic “ cannot realise completely the designated plans, the company all the same will be the next years the most significant player in the market. “ I think that it can quite reach $1,5 mlrd a turn in the nearest couple of years “ - Alexander Ageev considers. This progress disturbs local manufacturers. “ “Holidej“ already today one sells on 7-10 % of all volume of output of some local enterprises pishchevki, - the head of one of the Novosibirsk companies of branch has informed „“ on the condition of anonymity, - and, having refused services of the concrete supplier, the network can put it on a ruin side “.
Stanislav Sokolov, Novosibirsk