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Priirtyshe has deprived sheets federal bjudzhetpo to results of 10 months 2006 in territory of the Omsk region has been collected 43,6 mlrd rbl. of taxes - on 12,2 % less, than last year. Receipts in the federal budget, including the uniform social tax, have decreased for 30,6 % and have made 16,7 mlrd rbl. After a re-registration oil Gazprom (were Sibneft ) from Omsk to St.-Petersburg gathering of the profit tax of the organisations in Priirtyshe have fallen more than twice and have made 11,2 mlrd rbl. (in January-October, 2005 - 23,8 mlrd rbl.). At the same time, as have informed in department on work with tax bearers and mass-media of management FNS of Russia across the Omsk region, on a number of taxes considerable growth has been fixed. So, the sum of duties has grown on 80,4 % (to 13,3 mlrd rbl.), gathering for using natural resources - on 30,2 % (to 3 mlrd rbl.) .
Anton Medvedev, Omsk

the Altay farmers have collected 1 million tons zernaaltajsky edge in 2006 has collected 3,7 million t grains that on 500 thousand t there is more than indicator of last year. Yesterday the governor of Altay territory Alexander Karlin has informed on it at press conference in Moscow. From this volume of 1 million t grains it is necessary on farms. such indicator is no by farmers of any territory of our country - the governor has noted. Under its data, the edge has achieved growth of realisation of agricultural production on one with small percent, while in 2005 serious reduction of volumes of realisation of agricultural production " was marked;.

In Mountain Altai the ministry natural resursovglava Republics Altais (RA) Alexander Berdnikov is created has signed the decree about creation of the republican ministry of natural resources. Under the authority of the ministry there will be also a forestry. According to the federal legislation, since January, 1st, 2007 of power in the field of wood relations from federal conducting are transferred to regional level. To regions financial responsibility for realisation of these functions will be delegated also. The size of the federal subventions allocated for it RA, will make about 116 million rbl. In this sum financing avialesoohrany is put. This service also passes under control of the regional authorities.