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Yesterday the speaker of the Georgian parliament of Nino Burjanadze has accused Russia of intervention in internal affairs of Georgia. As she said, Moscow should not dictate Tbilisi what to do and where to aspire. Thus it has reacted to yesterday`s words of head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation of Sergey Lavrova. We have rigidly warned also Georgia, and those who actively invites Georgia in the NATO, that it we will not admit. We have underlined that besides the general safety in this next, the major for stability of the Russian south region, there is such aspect, as presence of tens thousand citizens of the Russian Federation both in South Ossetia, and in Abkhazia - the Russian diplomat has declared. the management of Russia is not mistaken, when says that Georgia wants to enter the Euroatlantic structures. It is valid so, and we do not hide it. But Russia does not have right to dictate to other countries as it to arrive - madam Burjanadze has noticed on it. As she said, Russia and Georgia - the sovereign states and intervention in internal affairs of other country is absolutely inadmissible. the made statements it is perfect nediplomatichny and are beyond the standard international norms. Russia has shown to these that wants to have influence on Georgia - considers Nino Burjanadze. RIA Novosti news agency
Russia can invite to participate in ABM creation
Yesterday Germany has initiated to involve Russia in creation of system of the ABM of the USA in Europe. The idea has sounded at the conference which have come to the end yesterday in Berlin of heads of foreign policy committees of parliaments of 27 member countries of the European Union and the countries - candidates. As the chairman of the commission on the international affairs of Bundestag Rupreht Polents has declared, in the NATO it is necessary to spend detailed debate of the planned new antimissile board of the USA in Europe . Thus he has underlined that Russia should be offered participation in the given defensive project . The head of the foreign policy commission of parliament of Germany which is now the chairman of EU, has informed also that, in almost unanimous opinion of participants of conference, negotiations only between the USA and the countries of possible placing (ABM elements. - ) - Czechia and Poland - represent insufficient . It is a basic question of all union - mister Polents has noted, having explained that the countries, on - former true to a principle of equal safety for all members of the NATO should not undertake the unilateral political steps conducting to creation different safety zones . At the Berlin conference the question on the American ABM in Europe was in the discussion centre. As has informed a source in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany, foreign policy speakers of parliaments of the EU countries, and also Turkey, and Macedonia have not bypassed Croatia the attention of almost any pressing question of a world policy, including they spoke about a situation in Kosovo, to the Iranian nuclear problem position in Afghanistan, threat of global climate change and the future power policy of Europe. The head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Minister of Defence of Germany Frank Walter Shtajnmajer and Frants Joseph Jung, the special representative of the United Nations participated in work of conference besides chairmen of foreign policy committees of parliaments of 27 EU Member States of Kosovo Marti Ahtisaari and the high representative of EU on foreign policy questions Javier Solana. RIA Novosti news agency

Vitse - a premiere of Kirghizia accuse of parliament payoff
Yesterday eks - the prime minister of Kirghizia Felix Kulov has declared that the first vitse - the prime minister of the government of the country Danijar Usenov has paid for the post $300 thousand According to the present leader of Incorporated front of opposition, vitse - the prime minister herself spoke to it about it, having explained the actions by that should justify trust of the heads and should pass through parliament where its nominee affirmed. Thus, as mister Kulov in interview to the newspaper " has informed; Business vitse - the prime minister complained that work in the government does not justify the suffered expenses. Danijar Usenov while keeps silent. At the same time the Kirghiz members of parliament have become interested in Felix Kulova`s exposures. Deputy Azimbek Beknazarov has declared that the stated charges cast a shade on its colleagues. Or we should give a refutation on behalf of all parliament, or for acknowledgement of legitimacy of election of Usenova - to carry out procedure of re-elections - the deputy has noted. At the same time he has noticed that mister Kulov who had similar information, should react to it still when was the prime minister. and now, - the deputy has added, - already the train has left and it is necessary to water each other with a dirt . In turn, deputy Kamchybek Tashiev named Felix Kulova`s statement irresponsible . OLGA - BEREZINTSEVA