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Game rule

Head Roszheldora Igor Romashov has not called me on the yesterday`s closed briefing concerning the new model of reforming of the market of rail transportation developed by department. And I can understand it. When last autumn for the first time there was public a conflict of officials and Open Society the Russian railways (Russian Railway), in all honesty, more reasonable and weighed to me seemed a monopoly position. I also did not hide it. But since then, Igor Valerevich, the situation has changed. The behaviour of Open Society of the Russian Railway very strange looks.
at first the company submits obviously underestimated investment program to the government, then begins with tear in a voice to tell, how there is no money for park and infrastructure updating. we see a source of a covering of deficiency in creation of the cargo company and sale of its actions - the president of Open Society of the Russian Railway Vladimir Yakunin explains. But this project should is co-ordinated with the government: Sharply Ministry of Transport, the basic regulating body on a railway transportation objects. I do not believe that the alternative is not present. Eventually, to other monopolies - and the Russian Open Society UES of Russia and Open Society Gazprom and Open Society Transneft - it was possible to achieve from the government of entering into tariffs of an investment component. And Vladimir Yakunin at all further from Vladimir Putin, than Alexey Miller or Anatoly Chubays. Not without reason the president of Open Society of the Russian Railway at one time considered as the most probable successor of the president of Russia.

to Understand a situation the official of one of profile departments has helped. We talked one and a half weeks ago when in Russian Railway Open Society scandal concerning growth of tariffs for rail transportation in 2008 - has burst 2010. My interlocutor playing not last role in decision-making on tariffs of Open Society of the Russian Railway, laughed: They strange, railwaymen. Other monopolies when something is necessary for them, actively defend the position. Write letters, substantiations, constantly call and go on offices. And the Russian Railway was sent by one letter in December - and all. As though it I or Levitin (the minister of transport Igor Levitin, the letter also has been sent it. - ) increase of railroad rates to the detriment of passengers, consignors and inflation " should achieve;. The second letter - already the prime minister - to minister Michael Fradkov - has left next day. But, hastily having been engaged in tariffs, Russian Railway Open Society has missed other problem - with creation of the cargo company.

Vladimir Yakunin remembered that a deadline of giving of the co-ordinated documents concerning it in the government - the end of February. The president of Open Society of the Russian Railway spoke to me about it on February, 16th. At that point in time it did not have variants of the decision of the conflict. Lately they and have not appeared. Yesterday in Russian Railway Open Society the next scandal has burst: Ministry of Transport brings in the government the concept of reforming of the market of the rail transportation, not co-ordinated with the main object of reform - railway monopoly. Which again, as well as in a case with tariffs, has counted that her on - to any should not to offend.

it is valid, who such this Igor Romashov? Only former general director of one of private operators of a rolling stock, and nowadays the head of weak department with the limited powers. But after all minister Levitin - from this camp of private traders. It is not surprising that vision of destiny of branch at them disperses from opinion of Open Society of the Russian Railway. Officials suggest to create two cargo companies instead of one, to give them a small part of cars and to make carriers. That stands up for it is is quite transparent. The small companies with the best cars are easier for buying to private operators. Open Society of the Russian Railway wants to create the megaplayer with high capitalisation and to distribute 49 % of its actions on slices portfelnym to investors. That distances of money also did not prevent to live. competition creation should not be end in itself - Vladimir Yakunin repeats. In each monopoly the self-preservation instinct is deeply put.