Rus News Journal


has informed on placing on the closed subscription of 305 thousand preference shares at the price of 3,6 thousand rbl. for the action. the Potential buyer of actions it is named by Open Society Surgutneftegaz for which investments into bank sector are not profile. The authorised capital stock of bank following the results of placing will increase to 449,95 million rbl., and the share of the oil company will make 6,8 %. He/she is the third shareholder of bank from among large not financial structures after Open Company transojl the CIS (9,537 %) and Joint-Stock Company Severstal - groups (7,152 %). Also shareholders of bank are Yury Kovalchuk (30,395 %), Dmitry Gorelov (12,583 %) and Nikolay Shamalov (12,583 %). Interfax
Foreign trade and investment bank (veb)
has declared intention to get 25 % of actions of Open Society OKB Dry , specialising on it is skilled - design workings out aircraft technicians. We plan to get large share holding OKB ` Dry ` - 25 % that indirectly is investment - has informed yesterday ITAR - TASS head veba Vladimir Dmitrys. The source in vebe has confirmed that the question of principle about share purchase in OKB Dry is solved, having specified that this acquisition - in the tideway of plans of creation on the basis of veba development bank. In Open Society the Company ` Dry ` the proprietor of 50,001 % of actions OKB, have informed that about the WEB OHM the state company supports good relations and considers as its friendly bank . In OKB the parties do not open the seller of a share. According to report OKB for the fourth quarter 2006, the basic shareholders, except Dry are Joint-Stock Company OPK ` Oboronprom ` (25,178 %) and Depozitarno - the clearing company (14,7343 %, the nominal holder, under data, in interests of Mezhprombanka). In Oboronprome And structures Mezhprombanka have informed what to sell the shares in OKB do not gather. We will notice that OKB Dry enters into the list of the enterprises which actions can be brought in an authorised capital stock of Incorporated aviabuilding corporation. SERGEY - RYZHKIN

has promised to result the suppliers to Russia. As the director for autoconcern purchases in the Russian Federation Antoine Aun, in the near future Inergy, Bosal and BASF has informed, delivering Renaults accessories, will open in Russia manufactures. They will provide car factory avtoframos (it is under control to Renault, collects model Logan) fuel tanks, exhaust systems and automobile paints, but will be thus located behind territory AZLK (on it works avtoframos ) . By 2009 avtoframos leaves on localisation level in 50 %. Now this indicator is equal 30 %, and it is calculated only proceeding from cost of purchases of autocomponents for assemblage Logan in Russia (expenses of Renault for labour are not included in localisation, energy carriers and so forth) . Dmitry Belikov

Open Society Magnitogorsk metkombinat (MMK)
has decided to enter independent members into structure of board of directors. Board of directors MMK recommended to the annual meeting of shareholders appointed for March, 30th, to confirm new structure of board of directors. As they say in the company message, on 10 places in council 12 candidates are put forward. Except operating members on a post of independent directors nominees of a member of supervisory board Efes Pilsen, director European Nickel plc are offered. And eks - the ambassador of Great Britain in Turkey David Logana and regional director British Petroleum Peter Charou. Besides, on meeting the question on payment of dividends is taken out. The meeting of shareholders will approve the contract anderrajtinga within the limits of IPO. As selling shareholder MMK acts Minta Holding Ltd., anderrajterami - ABN Amro, Morgan Stanley, Gazprombank and Renaissance Securities. Besides, following the results of 2006 on payment of dividends it will be directed 34 mlrd rbl. that on 73 % more than in 2005. Interfax