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the Government in March will consider the bill of development and support of small and average business, has declared vitse - the prime minister of the Russian Federation Alexander Zhukov, acting at a forum SUPPORT of Russia . In March we will consider on the government the bill of small and average business. If in March we will have time to bring it in the State Duma we count that in spring session it will be accepted - Alexander Zhukov has told.
the government has brought changes in custom duties in the relation separate kinds of the motor vehicles which were in operation from the moment of which release has passed more than five years, but no more than seven years. According to signed the prime minister - minister Michael Fradkov to the decision, on such motor means (codes TN foreign trade activities 8702101992 and 8702901992) are entered the rate of the import customs duties in size 0,7 for 1 cubic sm of volume of the engine. For other (codes TN foreign trade activities 8702101998 and 8702901998) the motor vehicles which were in operation, the rate of the import customs duties makes 20 % from customs cost. Duties affirm for nine months, the decision comes into force on the expiration of two months from the date of its official publication.

the government of the Russian Federation has let out the decision About measures on realisation of the federal law ` About the federal budget for 2007 ` . the Decision concretises a part of articles of the law. In particular, on special economic zones and Rosimushchestvu it is entrusted to Federal agency to provide in 2007 increase in an authorised capital stock of Open Society Special economic zones on 11,1 mlrd rbl., to the Ministry of Agriculture - to increase Open Society capital Rosagrolizing on 8 mlrd rbl. for acquisition on leasing of technics, the equipment for animal industries, and also breeding cattle.

the Federal antimonopoly service (FAS) has brought in Ministry of Justice projects the decisions defining the size of actives of banks over which FAS will supervise their activity. By words zamglavy FAS Andrey Kashevarova, first two decisions define the size of actives of the financial organisation over which preliminary control over merge or acquisition by the financial organisations each other begins. Decisions define that control over merge and joining of financial organisations FAS begins, if their actives make 10 mlrd rbl., and behind acquisitions - 3 mlrd rbl.