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Road accident has come to a family of the Saratov governor

Yesterday it became known about road accident to which the daughter of Saratov governor Pavel Ipatova Anna has got. Under the official version, the driver ran into its Volkswagen - Touareg private the Zhiguli of which has brought on slippery road. One of its passengers thus was lost. The driver asserts that the foreign car has driven in its car standing at a roadside. Legal experts are going to make independent investigation of incident.
according to the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of the Saratov region, in the night from 23 for February, 24th 32 - the summer driver VAZ - 2107, engaged in private carrying, on a call of visors from cafe of two girls, asked to bring them home in Zhilgorodok. Moving on proezzhej parts of Quay of Leonov, in the conditions of a slippery road covering on a dark site of road the driver has not chosen safe speed of movement, has left on an oncoming traffic strip where has faced Volkswagen - Touareg which operated 22 - the summer daughter of the Saratov governor Anna Ipatova - it is told in the message. As a result of road accident sitting near to the driver the seven 24 - the summer Tatyana Nemova, appeared the daughter of the driver of the governor, from the received traumas has died on the spot. Driver Alexander Bezushenko with the diagnosis the closed crisis of a hip and the second passenger Lyudmila Nesterov with heavy cranial - a brain trauma and hip crisis have been hospitalised. Anna Ipatova did not address for medical aid. Investigatory management at the Department of Internal Affairs on Balakovsky municipal area has filed criminal charges on ch. 2 items 264 of the criminal code of Russian Federation ( Infringement by the person operating the car, the traffic regulations, entailed on imprudence death of the person ) .

Alexander Bezushenko in road accident categorically denies the fault. As he said, the seven not clearly for what reason has brought on the bank of the channel . it was dark, I have braked, stood on the roadside with the included headlights one wheels, others - on a counter strip, - the driver has explained. - strong blow wanted to get out already, at this time. Saw that it is a foreign car that there at the wheel there was a girl whom practically at once have taken away. Who there was, I do not know. I ran not, and ran into me. And here at it, speak, there was no brake way. And all these conversations that here one I am guilty, in any way do not correspond to true .

Yesterday the co-ordinator of remedial association of citizens Stability Anatoly Edelkin has declared that is sceptical about the information of the regional Municipal Department of Internal Affairs. As he said, this failure causes too many questions. As far as I know, madam Ipatovu did not carry for obligatory examination in such cases on alcohol presence in blood. Considering that failure has occurred on the night of February, 24th, the probability is great that the girl was in ` celebratory mood ` - mister Edelkin believes. It has reminded that Anna Ipatova in 2006 had already an accident, truth then has done without victims. Has guarded the legal expert and that fact that the official information has appeared not right after incidents. it indirectly confirms my assumption that in this time employees of traffic police have altered the road accident scheme to justify the real originator of failure - the leader " considers; Stability . During the investigation we want to understand carefully this dark situation covered with a veil of secrecy, we will achieve, that the militia has not made ` extreme ` the driver ` the seven ` - mister Edelkin has declared.

to Receive Anna Ipatovoj`s comment yesterday it was not possible. In the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs declare what to make comments on statements of legal experts and Alexander Bezushenko do not intend, as have already given the necessary information in official a press - release.

in turn, the father of the lost girl Victor Nemov does not support the version of legal experts. a jeep here in general at anything, - mister Nemov has declared. - Here at what the taxi driver whom it is not clear as has appeared in taxi drivers. It at all had no right to it. It worked in a taxi informally, on a call. And as we know, was in the past the addict with the experience. How such could occur, what such person has appeared on so responsible work connected with transportation of passengers?! And who there went towards, this coincidence of circumstances. In such situation on Anna Ipatovoj`s place there could be any other person .

Governor Pavel Ipatov has presented to a family lost the condolences. Victor Nemov soon is going to return again to duties of the driver of the head of region.