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Opposition site computers in the civilian

On the night of Wednesday have visited sites the March not consent (namarsh. ru) and sankt - the Petersburg branch natsional - Bolsheviks (nbpiter. ru) have undergone to attack of hackers. Both resources informing on the protest action on March, 3rd in St.-Petersburg, do not work. Deducing out of operation sites of oppositional movements becomes a tendency. Their owners declare that it is the co-ordinated actions which make special services.
so-called DDoS - attacks (mass calling on the server for the purpose of its deducing out of operation) on oppositional the Internet - resources have begun in the evening on February, 27th. On sites organised by movement Other Russia the March not consent (namarsh. ru) and Petersburg natsbolov (nbpiter. ru) calling of 120 thousand users - about hundred a second has been organised. The first has not sustained loading and the site natsbolov has ceased to work, an hour later has stopped to function and a site March not consent .

the March not consent it is planned by an oppositional coalition Other Russia in St.-Petersburg on March, 3rd on a route the Suvorovsky prospectus - Smolnyj. The mayoralty has allowed to spend to march organising committee only a meeting on the square before the Finnish station. Organizers have challenged yesterday this decision in court.

representatives of opposition declare that attacks to their Internet - resources became tradition. Before February, 20th the same way had been put out of action the basic Internet - a resource natsbolov nbp - info. ru. Its work is not restored till now. And on February, 9th the site " has undergone to hacker attack; Movements against illegal immigration (DPNI) - one more potential participant of a march. Unknown malefactors have filled with its content from a party site an United Russia the sample of 2005. (Informed on it on February, 10th).

Owners of sites do not doubt that the spent attacks were co-ordinated from one place, and their purpose - to make so that about the March not consent has learnt as less as possible people. DDoS - attack of such scale costs not less than $100 thousand At our political enemies of such money is not present, and except FSB to us to suspect there is nobody - has declared a press - the secretary natsbolov Alexander Averin. sites are destroyed is system one after another. In it not hackers - self-educated persons, and specially trained people obviously are engaged. Probably, the same which carry out daily monitoring of oppositional resources, - the press - the secretary ` Other Russia ` Natalia Morar considers. - Till March, 3rd any of these sites any more will not earn .

Really, ordinary user cannot organise such powerful DDoS - attack, - the virus analyst ` has explained Kaspersky`s Laboratories ` Yury Mashevsky. - Simultaneously to make active ten thousand computers - the zombie, serious resources are necessary. Ordinary owners of such zombies - cars can not know at all that its computer participates in attack to this or that site .

Organizers the March not consent have declared that hacker attacks will not stop the action. Yesterday it has been decided that the Petersburg branch of party will join a march the Apple . It will go a separate column with the flags and slogans. Representatives DPNI who natsboly wanted to invite to a march, but have then refused this idea to involve on the action the Apple will not participate in it. if someone wants, it can come, but without movement flags - the representative Petersburg DPNI Andrey Kuznetsov has declared.

, St.-Petersburg