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The complaint of the Tomsk mayor was late in court

Tomsk regional court has accepted yesterday the complaint of the mayor of Tomsk arrested and discharged of a post of Alexander Makarova to the decision of the electoral committee which has not admitted it on elections in regional Duma which will pass on March, 11th. Alexander Makarov is accused of abusing powers of office and extortion. Under the decision of the Soviet regional court he has been arrested on December, 6th, 2006. On January, 25th the election committee has accepted from mister Makarova the statement for participation in elections in regional Duma. But already on February, 8th the electoral committee has refused to Alexander Makarovu registration, having informed that in the documents submitted it there were errors. As lawyer Victor Bakurevich, on February, 15th Alexander Makarov yesterday has told has signed the complaint which together with all necessary documents has been transferred in a pre-trial detention centre special unit. It was supposed that documents from a special unit will be sent at once in electoral committee by mail - in this case it there was a unique way provided by the law. However documents have lain in a pre-trial detention centre special unit the whole week, and the term of the appeal established by the law (ten days from the moment of decision-making.-), has expired - the lawyer has told. As has informed a press - the secretary of the mayor of Tomsk Nadezhda Dreval, the town governor believes that its complaint have detained specially. We will notice that even if Alexander Makarov will be admitted to participation in elections, the speaker of regional Duma of the previous convocation United Russia party member Boris Maltsev will appear its main competitor.

, Tomsk