Rus News Journal

Direct speech

- Moscow - the best platform for the protest, and the power tries to realise here all interdictions. All power is afraid of the people. At first it has changed the legislation, having made elections senseless. Then hands of deputies has entered an interdiction for carrying out of meetings for two weeks to elections. And now it.
Vladimir Platonov, the chairman of Moscow City Council:

- And at what here the mayor? We have decided to specify and improve the current legislation simply. Moscow - a huge megacity, and gathers nobody for the sake of group of people which want to declare itself publicly, to change the capital schedule.

Alexey Simonov, the president of Fund of protection of publicity:

- the Mayor is afraid for a long time of the people. At first it has rummaged all Manezhnaya Square. Then undertook the area Dzerzhinsky, even about a stone forbids to gather. And the mayoralty and justices on our requests give only formal replies. For example, to us have forbidden to hold meeting for the ninth day of murder of Anna Politkovsky as all demands should be submitted for ten days. And a march in memory of the lost journalists have forbidden from - that it can to break constitutional laws of citizens on rest - we were going to pass a march on Saturday!

Victor Shenderovich, the journalist, the writer:

- There is such impression that at the people and Luzhkov different areas of dwelling. At Luzhkov the people outside of the mayoralty and firm Inteko not so it is a lot of.

Alexander Brod, the director of the Moscow bureau for human rights:

- it is visible, on it too strong impression was made by attempt to spend in a city the gay - parade. In the legislation there are enough norms on regulation of meetings, and new complication is simply excessive. The impression is made that the Moscow power, on the contrary, encourages only different nationalist marches.

Nikolay Alekseev, the organizer the gay - parade in Moscow:

is a mayor to the Kremlin looks. All activity of the Moscow authorities is directed on zatykanie mouths not consent. Now Luzhkov`s positions not such strong, as recently. It should toady to party in power. From here and improbable activity of the mayor, its populism and advances with church. But if will pass such law, we will protest it.

it is Gejdar Dzhemal, the chairman of Islamic committee of Russia:

- the Moscow mayoralty is strong connected for a long time with power grouping. And this next police crackdown. Besides, preparation for elections is traced - agents of national security dream of destabilization, and such law very much is useful. The people should be deduced from itself - more than three at first have forbidden to gather, now want to give area metre for two. For certain before elections people will simply cease to co-ordinate the actions with the mayoralty and will start to hold a meeting there where will want.

Alexander Rjavkin, the chairman of federal political council of party Free Russia :

- the Mayor is not afraid, simply does not want superfluous troubles.

Ilya Yashin, the leader youth the Apple :

- Yury Mihajlovich grows old and prefers simple decisions: to forbid, disperse. If Moscow, the most politized city, swallows it, will alter the federal law. Meetings of all opposition want to make out of the law.