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As forbid meetings

In to Belarus , according to the law About mass actions from 1997, actions in which 1000 persons participate from above, can organise only political parties. Mass actions are forbidden on distance less than 200 m from the state objects, teleradiotsentra and underground stations. posters, " Are forbidden; which maintenance is directed on damage causing to the constitutional system .
In Great Britain under the law About a public order from 1937 citizens have the right to meetings if they do not threaten health of other people and not break the world . For carrying out of action it is enough to notify on it municipal authorities. However the police has the right to change a route, a venue or to stop the action.

In China, according to the law About meetings, processions and demonstrations From 1989, the responsible person should specify a route, quantity of participants, contents of posters and slogans under which will take place meeting in the demand. the actions, which themes " are forbidden; express disagreement with the Chinese legislation . Demonstrators are forbidden to be approached more close than on 300 m to state and to military facilities, foreign embassies, a body - and to radio stations, except those cases when it directly is authorised state council of the Peoples Republic of China or the regional authorities.

in the USA the unique reason on which action can be forbidden, is kindling racial or an ethnic animosity. the Police can stop the meeting breaking a public order. For detour of an interdiction demonstrators are not at a stop, and move along the street (in this case the action is not considered meeting). Thus formally demonstrators can be detained for vagrancy if they will not have cash, however in the majority of states it is enough to have with itself only $1.

In for the meeting organisation it is necessary to make an application France with exact instructions of a route. Organizers select committee from five persons who are responsible for order observance, and also pay cleaning of territory after meeting. Meetings it is impossible to spend on proezzhej parts of streets, and all of them should come to an end till 23 o`clock.