Rus News Journal


Yesterday at a meeting of mayors of the largest cities of the world in the British capital town governors of London, Paris, Berlin and Beijing have scarified Yury Luzhkov`s actions which in 2006 the gay - parade in Moscow has forbidden to spend. We will remind that organizers of the action have directed to the European court under human rights the complaint against the Russian Federation with the requirement of a recognition of infringement of their rights. This year Yury Luzhkov has declared again that will not admit procession carrying out in Moscow which is planned for May, 27th. At a yesterday`s meeting mister Luzhkov has underlined that its position on this point in question has not changed. we against homosexuality propagation just as any society protects itself from tobacco and alcohol propagation - the mayor has told. it not disease which is infectious. At some blue eyes, at some - brown, it by nature - the mayor of Paris Bertran Delanoe which have declared about " has objected; Inadmissibility of discrimination of sexual minorities . For example, at us are spent the gay - parades - in Berlin, in Paris, in London, and at our homosexuals and lesbians it is impossible to select this right - the mayor of Berlin has noted Klaus Voverajt. At us in Great Britain of the population of 10 % openly declare the nonconventional sexual orientation, and in a reality, I believe, this figure makes not less than 20 % - its mayor of London Ken Livingston has supported. it is necessary to create such conditions when each member of a society can be free - the mayor of Beijing Van Tsishan has summed up discussion.