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To Transbaikalia have promised additional billions

the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin has signed the decree about allocation 2,5 mlrd rbl. on the decision socially - economic problems of the Chita region and Aginsky Buryat autonomous region (ABAO). Regions will receive these means in 2008-2009, during association in the uniform subject of federation - Transbaikalian edge. Opponents of association doubt that means will reach addressees, and regard a presidential tranche as an award for loyalty . Past Thursday in the evening the president of Russia Vladimir Putin has met in the Kremlin the governor of the Chita region Ravilem Geniatulinym, the head of administration of ABAO Bairom Zhamsuevym, chairmen of Legislative Assemblies of both subjects. During the meeting devoted to association of regions, the president has told about transfer of the Chita region and ABAO 2,5 mlrd rbl. on the decision socially - economic problems . Means are allocated on conditions sofinansirovanija and will arrive in region within 2008-2009, that is during a transition period on creation of the new subject of the Russian Federation - Transbaikalian edge.
we will remind that in October, 2005 the governor of the Chita region Ravil Geniatulin and head of administration Bair Zhamsuev have initiated associations of two regions. The referendum concerning association will take place on March, 11th. That the referendum has been recognised by taken place, on sites for voting should come not less than 50 % of inhabitants of area and the district, having the right to vote. The majority of them should express yes answering a question: Whether you that the Chita region and Aginsky Buryat autonomous region have united in new the subject of the Russian Federation agree - Transbaikalian edge in which structure the Aginsky Buryat autonomous region will be administrative - territorial unit with the special status defined by the charter of edge according to the legislation of the Russian Federation? . As date of creation of new region will be considered on March, 1st, 2008, to finish unifying process it is supposed by 2011.
about for what projects will be spent allocated 2,5 mlrd rbl. and in what proportion they will be distributed between the Chita region and ABAO while it is not known. The president has expressed hope that means will be directed on the decision the economic problems, some housing problems, placing of theatres, national cultures, sport centres, objects of public health services . Ravil Geniatulin has explained yesterday that in the decree the president has given the commission to the government of the Russian Federation to assist on geological studying of bowels with a view of development of mineral deposits in territory of the Chita region and ABAO . Making comments on a condition about individual share of the regional budget in the decision socially - economic problems, mister Geniatulin has noticed that the region is ready to put the means in building of schools, hospitals. It is necessary to notice that earlier the plenipotentiary of the president in the Siberian federal district Anatoly Kvashnin underlined that economic lifting expects Transbaikalian edge in connection with realisation in territory of the Chita region of project GMK Norilsk nickel on development of five deposits of polymetallic ores. The part of expenses for branch line building will be compensated from investment fund.
representatives ABAO were inaccessible yesterday to comments.
Meanwhile opponents of association of the Chita region and ABAO doubt that the money allocated with the president will reach regions. The head of the Buryat human rights movement Erhe Radzhana Dugarova has regarded 2,5 mlrd rbl. as an award for loyalty in association: And why it was impossible to allocate this money earlier? All it is very similar to the advertising action . In favour of the similar point of view says that fact that, for example, a condition of transfer to the property of the Irkutsk region of 15 % a minus one action of a state block of shares of Open Society Irkutskenergo at merge of Angarski Krai and Ust - Ordynsky BAO and it has not been executed.
Leaning against the given Ministries of regional development of the Russian Federation, heads Erhe have resulted the statistics of assignment: in 2006 the share of federal grants in budget ABAO has decreased for 18 % and has made 6,4 %, and at the Chita region, on the contrary, has grown on 3 % - to 45 %. Opponents of association ABAO and the Chita region believe that the new region is created only for destruction national - a territorial autonomy.
Alexey Kopylov,
Alexander Terentyev,
Andrey Sokolov, Chita