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The beautiful course

About Moscow spa - salons
is told by Olga Zamyatin

When the imagination already refuses to work over a gift choice to 8 Martha, it is necessary to distract from thoughts on any certain subjects. And to think about something less material. For example, about good mood which some hours spent in one of magnificent Moscow spa - salons can present. All of them have the gift certificate in the list of the services. And it deservedly applies for a rank of the best gift on the occasion of the first spring holiday.

Articoli - salon
Uniqueness of it opened spa - salon consists one month ago that here work at once on ten cosmetic lines. It Creme de la Mer, Chanel, Kenzo, Sisley, Clarins, Christian Dior, Kanebo, Estee Lauder, L ` Occitane, Annick Goutal. At each of them the, in a special way issued office. All these marks from the category Best of the best . And all of them have lines of means on care of a skin, intended for house use. Differently, having come to this salon, there is no necessity to pass for mark new to a skin, and it is possible to undergo procedure on habitual cosmetics. Some of marks are presented in Articoli - Salon exclusively. So, it is unique salon in Russia in which work on Creme de la Mer, in which basis unique complex The Miracle Broth.

the Hit of this salon which has opened in November, 2006, - the procedures directed on prevention of ageing of a face skin and a body. That it is no wonder, after all mark Dior is known just for the anti - age preparations. A choice yet very wide, but all procedures urged to solve age problems of a skin - warn occurrence of the first wrinkles, increase elasticity of a skin, restore it, strengthen a skin in the field of a decollete and a bust, work over a cellulitis. One of features of this salon consists that is included in any leaving both of the person, and of a body two preparatory stages. The first - back massage. The second, more habitual in such cases, - a peeling which depending on procedure is carried out on all body or only on a face skin. Feature of the given method consists that the peeling is made by sapphire particles.

Spa - club Petrovka, 19
In the most capacious spa in Moscow - the whole three floors - make hardly probable not all existing cosmetic manipulations with the person and a body. Cosmeticians, homeopathists, dieticians, manualnye therapists, hairdressers and masters of manicure and a pedicure Here work. Here there is studio Hipoxi in which over body contours work by means of vacuum. Besides, here the greatest is located hardly probable not spa - a zone in Moscow in which there are Turkish and Russian baths, a Japanese butt furo, a hydromassage bath, a shower of Sharko and a massage table from warmed up marble. The assortment of offers is constantly supplemented. Last novelty - a series of procedures Ancient rituals of Khakassia - it is based on application of the grasses used in traditional medicine of the people of the Central Siberia. All preparations only the natural. Influence area - the diversified. From the procedures directed on correction of a figure, to the antistressful.

Tretyakov Spa by Anne Semonin
the salon works on one of the most authoritative in the world of cosmetics of lines - Anne Semonin. Whey, creams and essence has been developed Ann Semonjan on a basis oligoelementov (the concentrated microcells). And in it cosmeticians see special efficiency of preparations of this mark. Among numerous procedures by special popularity at clients of salon massages use: weakening, massage with use of warm oil, Thai massage, massage in four hands, ajurvedichesky massage, drevnekitajsky massage of feet. Procedure Jet Lag directed on is popular also resulting an organism in norm after change of time zones. Among novelties of this year two author`s massages: ju - mej - ho on drevneaziatskoj to the technician with elements of manipulation and the massage removing stress of an internal.

beauty institute Le Colon
Le Colon it is known first of all for the programs on disposal of excess weight. Most popular of them - Ideal Line. The mechanism of its action is based on a combination of cosmetic procedures to influence by vibrations, light and colour. One of basic elements of this program, certainly, is the power supply system individually developed for each client. Except excess weight in Le Colon struggle with skin ageing. Influence methods the most different. From extended Botoksa before the cosmetic procedures based on production of the French mark Biologigue Richerche. From last novelties of institute - rejuvenating sculptural facial massage Joelle Ciocco. If the usual cosmetic facial massage is more similar on poglazhivanija and affects first of all a skin this massage is directed on study of face muscles.