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Cheaply, but it is aggressive

As it became known „“, FGUP “ the Perm airlines “ (HAS fallen) has given out the permission to air carrier Sky Express (SE), working in a format low ρξst, on flights from Big Savino on a route Perm - Moscow. While the airline has not obtained the licence for flights from Perm from Rosaviation, but plans to enter the local market in already this spring. Direct competitor Sky Express in Perm becomes S7 which in December, 2006 rented all vessel fleet “ the Perm airlines “. In S7 low tariffs Sky Express are not afraid. As have told „“ yesterday in Big Savino (copes FGUP “ HAS fallen “. - „“), the airport has approved arrival to Perm new airline - Sky Express. “„ The heavenly express train “has addressed to us with the telegramme and as now„ the Perm airlines “are interested in increase in a volume of passenger traffic from Perm, we have authorised “ - has explained a source„ “in HAS fallen. Also in HAS fallen have noticed that the carrier while does not have licence for flights from Perm (it the Rosaviation gives out. -„ “). In SE it have confirmed, but have expressed intention in the near future to solve this problem.

in the company have informed that plan to begin flights on a route Perm - Moscow in the end of March - the beginning of the April, 2007, two flights in day on liners of type Boeing - 737. And in the summer the company plans to increase frequency of flights to 4 times a day. Sky Express intend to involve passengers at the expense of the low prices for tickets. As have told in the company, the price of flight to Moscow fluctuates from 500 roubles, but does not exceed the lowest cost of the ticket at other airlines flying on the same route. Tickets for 500 roubles can be got only some days before flight as in the liner under this tariff it is taken away only 30 of more than 120 places.

Joint-Stock Company airline “ Skye the Express train “ (trade mark Sky Express) is based in March, 2006, (Moscow) is based at airport Vnukovo. The carrier positions itself as airline low - cost (diskaunter). Detailed structure of a share capital of Joint-Stock Company “ Skye the Express train “ it is not disclosed. It is known that investment funds Altima Partners, Sloan and Robinson, the European Reconstruction and Development Bank, foreign physical persons and structures of the general director " will be the basic owners; Krasnoyarsk airlines “ Boris Abramovich. By the end of 2007 in plans “ Skye the Express train “ realisation of regular flights from 20 Russian cities which are on distance 600 - 3000 km from Moscow. Now the company park consists of two Boeing - 737, by the end of its 2007 is planned to increase to 20 aircrafts. Features business - carrier models in rational construction of a routeing network, the same park of aircrafts, mainly direct sales of tickets, and also in absence onboard a free food. Now flights from Perm to Moscow carry out three carriers. S7, “ Aeroflot “ “ Aeroflot - the North “. In the summer schedule (comes into effect in the end of March. - „“) Joint-Stock Company flights " already appear; Carat “ (Tatarstan) which will carry out daily flights on a route Perm - Moscow on the Yak - 42. It is necessary to notice that after in the end of the last year “ the Perm airlines “ (unite the airline with the same name and the airport Big Savino) have stopped independent flight activity, having entered into the agreement with S7, arrival to Perm new pilots has much become simpler. If HAS fallen was unprofitable to start up to Perm new carriers earlier (flights Perm - Moscow brought 40 % of profit of airline. - „“) now they have concentrated on development of an aeroport economy and are interested in new air carriers.

in S7 arrival of the competitor have concerned easy. “ as always, we not against a competition, as at us a competitive product: the widest routeing network, a flexible ruler of tariffs, purchase through the Internet, flights in Domodedovo, foreign planes. Well and 500 roubles are, matter of course, promotarif. They so will not carry all “ - have declared in a press - airline service.

experts believe that the company has a real chance to be fixed in the market. As the analyst of agency " has noted; Aviaport “ Oleg Panteleev, the company counts first of all on those passengers for whom the price for tickets is turning point in a choice between the railway or an air transport. The analyst has noticed that the least chances to be fixed in the Perm market at airline “ Carat “ as it while does not have visible advantages in comparison with other pilots. Mister Panteleev also considers that problems on reception of the licence at Sky Express should not to arise. “ I Think, with support of the regional authorities and the local airport licence reception will not be a problem “ - the expert considers. Mister Panteleev has noticed that Sky Express the young company and at it while is not present responses of passengers. “ but the aggressive marketing policy suggests that the company can occupy an essential share of the market not only in Perm “ - the expert has summed up.

it is necessary to notice that arrival of new pilots has pleased the regional authorities. “ it is the company - diskaunter, a direction which now in the world successfully develops “ - has noted a source „“ in the government. He also has noticed that the regional authorities are ready to help the company with licence reception if support is necessary for them.
Irina Peljavina