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Privatization will not do good to peasants

Yesterday the committee on ekonompolitike and the property of Legislative Assembly of Primorski Krai has decided to place repeatedly for consideration deputies the bill About the program of privatisation of state property of edge for 2007 . One of points of this program provides privatisation KGUP the State food agency . Representatives of regional administration insist that aktsionirovanie gosprodagentstva will promote more to efficient control the enterprise. The considerable part of the deputy case believes that privatisation KGUP will negatively affect an economic situation of agricultural productions and can break a forthcoming sowing campaign. For the first time the privatisation program current year was considered at January session ZS. Then discussion of a question of privatisation gosprodagentstva has led to split among legislators: Many members of parliament have considered that transformation KGUP to private enterprise will cost a pretty penny peasants and can break a forthcoming sowing campaign. The program privatisation was some times taken out on voting, but quantity of voices of deputies necessary for its statement to type and it was not possible.
KGUP the State food agency concludes contracts on purchase at agricultural manufacturers of the foodstuffs for needs of budgetary sphere and to 50 % advances commodity producers. These resources go on purchase of diesel fuel, seeds, mineral fertilizers. With gosprodagentstvom 90 seaside agricultural productions to which it is given credits for the sum nearby 1 mlrd rbl. In 2007 in the budget of Primorski Territory co-operate is put 180 million rbl. on the leasing fund which operator is gosprodagentstvo .
Yesterday profile committee ZS has returned again to consideration of the program of privatisation. I do not see arguments enough powerful, that agency not aktsionirovat - at once has declared vitse - governor Alexander Tabachenko supervising agriculture. It was supported by the chairman of committee on management of state property of regional administration Vladimir Knizhnik. And close to the governor of edge deputy Peter Savchuk has actually put colleagues before a dilemma: or to leave KGUP in the privatisation program, or to remove from the program and to address in regional administration about the termination of financing of agency . As a result the committee has made decision to take out on repeated consideration on February session the privatisation program. there are no bases to believe that someone will suffer as a result of transformation of the enterprise to joint-stock company. It is normal process, it will promote more to efficient control the given enterprise - Vladimir Knizhnik has declared . He has underlined that during the current year it is provided only transformation KGUP to joint-stock company, the proprietor of 100 % of actions remains Primorski Territory . share holding Realization, in case of the corresponding offer of regional administration or deputies, is possible at the second stage - the mister the Scribe has explained. A question on prospective cost gosprodagentstva the chairman of committee on management of state property named premature.
the vice-president of committee on the food policy and natural resources ZS Sergey Sidorenko adheres to the point of view of opposite regional administration. As he said, KGUP carries out the major function - is a conductor of a policy of the state in the field of agriculture. if we break existing system it will lead to loss of 30-40 % of areas under crops - deputy Sidorenko is assured. We understand that after aktsionirovanija the second stage package sale will go to private hands - the legislator adds. And its colleague, operating Far East branch of Alpha bank Valentine Dubinin was short: For any joint-stock company the main indicator is a profit. Privatisation will not do good to peasants .
From forecasts concerning results of debate under the privatisation program at session ZS planned for February, 21st, deputies abstain. voting will show - Sergey Sidorenko has told.
Alexey Tchernyshev,