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TSarstvie wood

Director Daren Aronofski remembered hopeless narkomanskoj by a drama the Requiem on dream in a new film the Fountain has tried to make out hope gleams in a sad picture of a universe. Its psychodelic film - a fairy tale on immortal love has left LYDIA - to MASLOV in pleasant confidence that a life tree will turn green eternally.
basically the Fountain too in own way a requiem: if soskresti from it the fat occupation layer consisting of bible citations, superstitions of Indians of the Maya, digressions to history and other data scientifically - popular character the story how one beauty (Rachel Uajz) died of a cancer will be found out, and her husband - the surgeon (Hugh Dzhekmen) desperately persisted in the hope that from death it is possible to find a medicine, as well as for any other illness. But there, where the author is easier zababahal ridiculously false melodrama, artly anxious director Aronofski erects grandiose scenery and puts the heroes in level at least with Adam and Eve so to sneer at them like as though and disrespectfully.

at first for warm-up of Daren Aronofski arranges small kostjumirovannuju a sketch, dressing up the oncological heroine quite blossoming Spanish queen the Isabella which gives a ringlet to the conquistador (same Dzhekmen) and sends it on searches of a tree of life, promising to become at a favorable outcome of searches its Eve and to live with it eternally. The inspired knight like mad rushes to any fight with a war-call: I will not die, neither here, nor now, never . On this optimistic note the historical sketch stops temporarily and replaced by a picture, which with the unprepared spectator who is not foreknowing that action the Fountain Occurs in different times, can make impression as if other film, and suspicious enough has begun. In it Hugh Dzhekmen, only bald and in a lotus pose besides acts in film, - its character tries to calm a thick branchy tree, addressing directly to a trunk: I will not allow to you to die . The tree answers friendly sheveleniem any growing on it whether fibers, whether hairs which trustfully reach for palms of the hero: it is visible, a plant sensitive, sympathetic and something even thinks. Having persuaded a tree to suffer a little more, the man selects from the earth whether bark slices, whether still any waste of wood ability to live and sends them in a mouth.

Fortunately, this esoterics too operatively comes to an end and further it becomes a bit easier - with operation over the male of a monkey on which not interested person untimely to become a widow/widower the surgeon tests anticarcinogenic means (extracted besides from any special trees), more and more or less clearly, as well as with the doomed sufferer - the wife in a touching white hat. The wife on heroic attempts of the husband to rescue it not so - that counts and starts to state the last will on the sly. And it is not deprived fancifulness: dying not only that suggests the inconsolable spouse to read its unfinished manuscript under the name the Fountain which begins words Spain is captured by fire but also to add ink kontsovochku. This last request, probably, not the most usual, but thanks to it to a plot is fastened all this temperamental ispanshchina, with the Great inquisitor raging in pytochnom a cellar and gnashing teeth on the queen which have wallowed in a sin the Isabella. Having familiarised with creation of the dying away companion of life, hero Dzhekmena starts to dip with enthusiasm a feather that in ink in own blood and, judging by some subsequent pictures, gives vent to imagination and prisochinjaet rather wide ending. In it the conquistador reaches the tree of life growing on a place of a centre of the universe thrusts in it more deeply a dagger and starts to sup handfuls the vivifying juice reminding on a consistence sour cream, and having had suffered much it is a lot of, endures unexpected enough transformations. All is removed it rather solemnly and though fair element of anecdotalism at event not to take away, in the whole show instal awe of all-conquering and shattering vegetative power of the nature. It with regal indifference absorbs and digests transitory human remains, in literal sense sprouting through them that florets, a grass and if will carry also the good, solid tree, which Darenu Aronofski not without reason sees the most perfect and wise symbol of immortality.