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Yesterday the committee on state building and Legislative Assembly local government (ZS) the Irkutsk region recommended sessions of regional parliament to accept the bill About elections of deputies ZS in definitive reading. The document corrects the regional law according to new to requirements of the selective legislation. However the bill has passed the first reading only thanks to discipline of members of fraction an United Russia which voices give the necessary majority as almost all deputies who are not entering in ER, voted against amendments. Most likely, at February session the destiny of the document will be solved again by an appearance of United Russia party members. The second reading of the bill About elections of deputies ZS will pass on February, 21st at regular session of regional parliament. The chairman of committee on state building, vitse - speaker ZS Lyudmila Berlina has informed that a main objective of the document developed by it is reduction of the regional selective legislation in conformity with federal. Anticipating bill discussion, the madam of Berlin has underlined that the Office of Public Prosecutor of the Irkutsk region has already directed in ZS the protest to communications by that regional statutory acts contradict till now the federal. now we will remove this question - the madam of Berlin has noticed. Legal department ZS has prepared the table of the amendments based on changes for yesterday`s session, brought by the State Duma in December, 2006 in the Federal law About the basic guarantees of suffrages of citizens and the rights to participation in a referendum and also offers of election committee of the Irkutsk region. Among December legislative short stories - Right deprivation to be selected the citizens condemned for fulfilment of grave crimes or crimes of extremist character . At the same time the federal legislator has simplified procedure of promotion of candidates, and also has established the beginning of term of petition from the date of payment of manufacturing of subscription lists .
the Election committee of the Irkutsk region also has brought in the bill About elections of deputies ZS some amendments, having suggested not to check all given by candidates and parties subscription lists, and to keep the existing requirement about check not less than 20 % of signatures. The chairman of regional election committee Victor Ignatenko admitted that objectively checks up all the commission cannot . Having understood position of organizers of elections, committee-men on state building have approved the electoral committee amendment. Besides, mister Ignatenko has offered members of parliament to confirm the law Division of territory of area into eight so-called regional groups. one regional group of the regional list of candidates should correspond to territory of Ust - Ordynsky Buryat autonomous region, and each of seven regional groups - to territories of three one-mandatory election districts adjoining among themselves, with the instructions to what territories of one-mandatory election districts there corresponds each regional group - it is told in the bill. The chairman of electoral committee has reminded that the scheme of one-mandatory election districts affirms the area law. On analogies, formation of regional groups, mister Ignatenko is assured, is the decision normotvorcheskogo the plan therefore should be fixed legislatively. The madam of Berlin has agreed with this point of view, having noticed that it would be logical to confirm the scheme of one-mandatory districts and regional groups one law.
Against rigid division of area into regional groups independent deputy Anton Romanov has tried to express. partitioning of districts should be such that it was convenient to parties - the deputy has offered. it (the discussed scheme. - ) it is convenient only for large political parties - the member of parliament has underlined. nobody obliges political party to put forward lists on each regional group - the madam of Berlin parried, having noticed that the offered variant approaches the candidates standing under party lists, to voters. The deputy from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Evgenie Rulkov, in turn, is assured that introduction of regional groups makes heavier selective process. innovations are directed on complicating a way in ZS to all parties, except the parties in power - mister Rulkov considers.

In the updated version of the law on formation of parliament of Angarski Krai last innovations of the federal selective legislation are considered: the column " is cancelled; against all the maximum size of selective fund and the sum of registration pledge is increased, the barrier through passage to parties is established at level of 7 %. For the first time this document was discussed by deputies at October session, but for its acceptance in the first reading then there were no voices. At session on December, 20th forces of fraction an United Russia (25 persons from 44. - ) the bill has passed the first reading. The initiative of madam Berlinoj was supported by 24 United Russia party members present at session, besides, that for bill passage the qualified majority, i.e. 23 voices is necessary.
in December representatives of deputy group " became furious opponents of amendments in the selective code of Angarski Krai; Regional development (SR, APR, the block For native Angarski Krai! odnomandatniki - only 16 persons from 44. - ), and also group of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (four persons). A member Regional development Alexey Kozmin then underlined that this bill it is not meaningful, because elections ZS of the incorporated Irkutsk region of the first convocation will not be regulated by this law . We will note, the first parliamentary elections of uniform region will be spent according to requirements of the federal law on formation of the new subject of federation. However, during a transition period at formation of uniform legislative base this document can take for a basis deputies of the first convocation. Yesterday representatives of group Regional development have underlined that group session on this question yet was not, therefore define position to bill they cannot. In turn mister Rulkov has declared that communists will vote against. Most likely, the destiny of the document will be solved again by an appearance of United Russia party members.
Alexander Terentyev, Irkutsk