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Let`s join hands, a pig

On scene MHT of a name of Chekhov under the direction of Oleg Tabakova anniversary evening of Theatre under the direction of Oleg Tabakova has taken place. Popular to the Snuffbox it was executed 20, and against many contemporaries it looks the minion of fortune. Tells the NOVEL - DOLZHANSKY.
Anniversary evening with kapustnikom and congratulations of colleagues, as it is known, already became for a long time a special genre of theatrical art. Is, for example, such fans of theatre who anywhere, except anniversary evenings, and do not go - as others prefer exclusively variety concerts or musicals. On anniversary evenings of number happen two kinds - ridiculous and different. The beginning of evening Snuffboxes it is possible to carry to the second category: played in performance scenery Adventure the memoirs on Oleg Tabakova`s former circulations (it actor Sergey Shentalinsky has played) on nachalstvennym to offices have appeared obeskurazhivajushche strained and unhumorous.

When on a scene there was today`s Oleg Tabakov, business has gone pozhivee - first of all the theatre founder has had an opportunity to correct a rhythm of evening: it represented the master of the house to whom all time visitors with gifts called at a door. Those who joked unsuccessfully, mister Tabakov with good-natured impudence could hasten from a scene. Also therefore evening lasted less than two hours that for product in a genre of anniversary it is considered one of the basic criteria of success.

it is natural, as well as at any other genre, it has a classics. For example, when - that on the same scene Arcady Raikin congratulated MKhAT with 75 - letiem and has presented to theatre hours which time there and then raskolotil on small slices - meaning that for Art theatre does not exist. So it is possible to measure success of anniversary evenings by numbers which are for ever added to history of the genre. At an anniversary Snuffboxes Such, in my opinion, was two - a theatre videoclip the Contemporary and dance of actors of theatre the Satyricon .

the First has removed the mute is black - white korotkometrazhku in which beginning there was Galina Volchek about a scene of the theatre. And then the chamber simply slid some minutes along a live chain of the people well-known and unknown, joined hands and built on all, fortunately, of a rather short way from a scene the Contemporary in parkway Chistoprudnom to a scene Snuffboxes in a cellar in the street Tchaplygin. From it we will join hands, friends peculiar is faster to a basis epoch the Contemporary rather than time of creation of theatre Tabakova, the hall has languished.

soon sharply to be divided on two groups, which dorugivalis among themselves all banquet. Split has occurred thanks to Konstantin Raikin, Grigory Sijatvinde and Denis Sukhanov. Hudruk and two leading actors the Satyricon have run out on a scene as a trio of pigs in pink kombinezonchikah. Svinki have appeared coquettish and sexually anxious: under paunches at each of them upright stood on a pink phallus. Frivolous, on the verge of a foul, but very much tehnichno the worked and caused Homeric laughter of a hall satirikonovsky number just also has become the cause for the general disappointment of a part of spectators. how it was possible to suppose such scabrousness? - women in expensive rustling dresses were perplexed then.

as a matter of fact, the disorder of moods from duhopodemnoj lyric poets to the rude practicalness deprived false illusions very precisely reflects a course of life Snuffboxes . Hardly any other theatre would began to celebrate anniversary out of native walls - and has put here not only in small capacity of a cellar in the street Tchaplygin. It was possible and in narrowness something to think up, but in the, namolennyh walls. But in that is continually that Oleg Tabakov cultivated all these years not namolennost places, and it natruzhennost . 20 - its summer way is no time small theatre represents polemic alternative of that marginalnosti to which have doomed itself theatres - coevals Snuffboxes appeared on a reorganisation wave of second half 80 - h. Not on idea, and on success sorientiroval then the theatre Oleg Tabakov - on the eve of capital changes in the country this installation has appeared almost that providcheskoj, and at the Moscow art theatre it is quite possible to consider anniversary evening as a natural stage of the big way. About it Michael Shvydkoj was witty passed: that hudruk MHT has not torn off rent from the head Snuffboxes head FAKK has counted unique in the biography of mister Tabakova as a case of the missed benefit. However, the problem of a living space for jubiljara will be soon solved: In the morning in day of celebrations at the corner of street of the Giljarovsky and Garden ring the new building of theatre has been put.