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The Stavropol head have deprived of a rank and a bas-relief

the scandal story with deprivation of the governor of Stavropol Territory Alexander Tchernogorov of a rank of the honourable citizen of Stavropol Yesterday has come to the end. In the morning from avenue of Heroes in the regional centre has been dismantled pilon with the sculptural image of mister Tchernogorov. Of an event observed about ten journalists which curious townspeople have joined some. A platform on avenue at first have blocked a dark blue awning, and then by means of the crane have pulled out from the earth itself pilon together with the concrete basis. The author of a bronze bas-relief present at dismantle sculptor Nikolay Sanzharov has taken away the author`s work. And the concrete basis as building garbage has been taken out on a dump.
thus, it has been executed accepted on February, 27th gordumoj the decision on deprivation of the regional head of a rank of the honourable inhabitant of Stavropol, and together with it of all privileges which to it for it relied. The governor has about it declared that never petitioned for assignment to it of a rank of the honourable citizen, and named all event round this event by a political farce. The matter is that Alexander Tchernogorov heads the list an United Russia on elections of regional parliament which will pass on March, 11th. And the question on deprivation of its rank was initiated by deputies gordumy, supporters of the mayor of Stavropol Dmitry Kuzmin which heads the list Fair Russia - the main competitor of the party in power.

, Stavropol