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Government RA takes tourists under zashchituministerstvo Republic Altai tourism (RA) has started working out of the program of safety of tourists. As Oleg Kuligin has informed the deputy minister of tourism of republic, within the limits of the program it is necessary to develop the safety passport each tour operator, base of rest or the businessman working in this sphere. the safety passport it will be co-ordinated with the republican Ministry of Internal Affairs, UFSB and other law-enforcement departments. Without this document any tourist enterprise cannot work in tourism sphere. It is supposed that the program will contain also positions about registration and insurance of tourists, the organisations of spot-checks in places of stops savages . Besides it, in it there will be points on toughening of struggle against illegal storage of the weapon and underground sale spirtosoderzhashchih liquids. Mr. Kuligin has noticed that necessity of working out of the program has increased after in December, 2006 RA has won competition of Ministry of economic development and trade of the Russian Federation and has acquired the right to create at itself a special economic zone (OEZ) turistsko-recreational type. In republic in connection with organisation OEZ expect triple increase in quantity of tourists. It is supposed that their number can make to 1,5 million a year. Murder in August of last year in Mountain Altai the journalist from Omsk Alexander Petrov, his wife and two small children became one more occasion to program working out.

Group E4 has started to build in the Tomsk region NPZNOVOSIBIRSKY the inzhiniringovyj centre which is included into the Moscow Open Society Group E4 has started building of oil refining factory (NPZ) in settlement Semiluzhki of the Tomsk region. On it have informed in the company press-service. According to the deputy chief of regional department nedropolzovanija and developments of oil and gas sector of Nikolay Ilyin, NPZ will settle down in immediate proximity from petropumping over station of the main oil pipeline Aleksandrovsky - Anzhero Sudzhensk. The customer of works acts as Open Society Tomskneftepererabotka . Cost of the project of 120 million rbl., designed capacity NPZ on 200 thousand raw materials t in a year. It is supposed that factory building will come to the end in the beginning of 2008.
Natalia Volosatova, Tomsk

Voenkom was gone between the house and rabotojnachalnik a military registration and enlistment office of Balahtinsky area of Krasnoyarsk region Gennady Bodrov is declared in federal search. As yesterday have informed in the press-service of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Krasnoyarsk region, 47-year-old voenkom was missing on Tuesday. It is known that that day the commissioner has sat down in the privately owned vehicle of Nissan Avenir and has gone for work. Nobody is more than it saw, the cellular telephone of the military man does not answer. The wife voenkoma has addressed in militia. Its searches have been organised, gone is declared in federal search. All structure of regional department of militia is involved in searches - have told in the press-service of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs. Besides militia, Gennady Bodrov is searched by employees of a military registration and enlistment office of Balahtinsky area and local residents. Close acquaintances of the gone are perplexed. we are familiar with Gennady Bodrov 12 years. I know it as the person serious. If he could communicate and inform on the site necessarily would call in a military registration and enlistment office or home. To think that with Gennady something happens, I at all do not want - the assistant to the head of settlement Balahta Ivan Andruhovich has told. The Office of Public Prosecutor was connected To searches of the gone military commissioner also. any data on the gone did not arrive. The question on criminal case excitation under article about murder " is now solved; - the public prosecutor of area Valery Juhnavets has informed yesterday.
Maria Ivanov, Krasnoyarsk

Rubtsovsky public prosecutors have gone in muzejprokuratura Rubtsovsk within the limits of investigation of criminal case upon loss of 88 awards and medals will spend full-scale check of all collections of Rubtsovsky museum of local lore. it will be made because the Office of Public Prosecutor has data that were abducted from a museum not only an award - the press-service of regional Office of Public Prosecutor has informed referring to the public prosecutor of Rubtsovsk Victor Levchenko. According to Mr. Levchenko, gorprokuratura has filed criminal charges upon plunder of a collection of awards from funds of museum of local lore. As an occasion to business excitation the statement of the director of the museum, recently appointed to this post has served. She has found out material assets as comprise colour and precious metals in a table of one of employees of an award and a medal of the Soviet period which represent not only historical, but also. At carrying out of preliminary check of a collection the director has found out loss of 88 awards and medals, including Lenin`s 13 awards, 18 awards of the Red Star, 6 awards of the Labour Red Banner, 22 awards of Patriotic war. Only by rough estimates, the damage caused by plunder, exceeds 380 thousand rbl., it is marked in the message.